Too Cold to go Outside :(

So we stayed in ALL day. Urgh. I can done tell it's gonna be a lot of boredness and cabin fever going around. But at least I have a snuggly family to enjoy it with and make me happy! Have I ever mentioned I HATE allergies. Since it's been chilly the last couple days the snotty noses has started with my little monkey. Eww. Winter. But anyways onto the news. I announced the winners of last week's Shoot -N- Tell and mentioned on that post that I am not hosting one this week since it is Halloween weekend this weekend so I will be busy with that. So week after this one I'll bet back to it. Thanks for your patience and blog visits and comment love! It is very appreciated! Have a happy Friday tomorrow!

1 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ewa said...

it is getting cold over here as well, the wind outside is so load that I don't even want to go outside

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