Oh How I Love This....

What am I talking about you ask? Well just keep reading and you shall see. Today was a perfect day. How do I define perfect? Simple. It's a day where you enjoy everything you do without monetary aid. Those days where you enjoy the simplicity that makes everything ... enjoyable. Those days where you totally forget about bills and money and worries. You forget about that appointment you have next week and all the work that you will do in a few days. Today was one of those days.

My husband was perfect and so was my son. They both made me laugh all day long. I fell in love all over again with my husband..he is so unpredictable and that is one of the qualities I adore about him. I am excited about our upcoming anniversary..May the 5th. Not too far away. No plans set in stone but hoping to get time in the month to get away from it all. I feel we deserve it, we both work hard and haven't had "alone time" since June of last year (2009). And even then we weren't by ourselves, we went with family to the county fair and was separated most of the time. So I think our time has come to have a little "us" time.

The outdoors are beautiful, I can't soak up enough sun and I can't visualize enough GREEN! I love when trees and grass are so rich and dark with green..and I love how all the flowers and bushes are in bloom with their extravagant colors that lure the eye so easily. I've become quite addicted to flowers and bushes and shrubs. I can't get enough of them. I look around and see how mature and colorful other's have gotten and think to myself, that's what I wanna have...a beautiful yard and that feeling of accomplishment that tells me "You did this, you made this possible and a reality". There's no better pay-off than hard work..whether it be cleaning your home or landscaping your yard,...if you do it yourself it's much more special.

Today was enjoyed to it's fullest, as well as the rest of the previous week. Jon and I (and Dillon too of course) have been out in the yard every single day this week. Working away! We've tilled, planted, watered, hoed, dug, fertilized, trenched and many many other verbs that describe what you do when you landscape a yard. Today our newest project began...which is that we are planting a garden this year. We are planting in the place my Dad usually has his garden since it's so mature in growing plants over the previous years. We will have tomatoes, squash, okra, cauliflower, cucumbers, radishes and corn! I love home-grown corn, I hope it all grows well and flourishes. We will be stocked on veggies..all we will have to buy is meats and snacks when we go to the grocery store :)

I love to work with Jon...unless it's something where I have to stand in one place and hold something. I've always hated doing that. I feel so useless although most of the time the job couldn't get done without that step, lol. But just standing there and waiting impatiently for Jon to finish doing whatever needs done works on my nerves...yeah, crazy issue I know. We have came up with endless projects that we will slowly transition into over the coming weeks. We will be working on getting a fence up, building a patio, mulching, more planting, tending a garden and many more things I suppose.

But there you have it...a long and drawn out way for me to basically say .. I love my husband...I love my son. I love my life. I love the simple things. That is what we thank God for...the Time we spend with loves ones, the smell of a flower, the beauty of a sunset, the healthiness of our family, the laughter that they made us release and the satisfactory of having a productive day. Material things are just extra. They're additives that we ourselves save for and buy. But they can't bring us the happiness that all the other aforementioned things can. And measured on that scale..I have been blessed beyond what I deserve...I am grateful that God has made me into who and what I am and given me two of the sweetest people treading the Earth to spend my days with. I wouldn't trade one minute with those two for any amount of money or anything else in the world. I love them so much!

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