Memorial Day Weekend!♥

So over the weekend we have done and are still doing lots of things. So far we've been to two family get togethers, both of which were fun AWESOME! I enjoyed myself both days (Saturday and Sunday). Saturday was something that me and my cousin Amber kinda threw together last minute. We got together at my parent's house where we grilled hamburgers and chicken and corn on the cob. My Dad had deep fried some catfish and we had squash, some of Amber's famous 5 layer dip and several other yummy-scrumptious dishes! Several of my cousins were there with there kids and the best part of the day was watching all the kids play and run and laugh together! Brought me back to my childhood and all the get togethers we had at my Pappaw JH's house under his huge tree down by his pond. Oh to be a child again.

The second gathering was at Sue and Jim's house. A lot of Jim's family was there, some I had already had the pleasure of meeting and others who I got to meet for the first time. They were are all very nice and inviting. We had grilled porkchops, hamburgers, hotdogs, homemade potato salad, chicken and dumplings, baked beans and garden fresh green onions (Mmmm). After eating we rode around the little community of Kirkwood Springs on the Rhino cause Jon insisted on pulling it up there :). When we got back we were covered in sweat and just so hot so we all decided to swim in Jim's pond! He has a dock built out to the middle of it with a ladder that goes down into the water. Getting in was soooo refreshing and it cooled everyone down. There were people floating, swimming and splashing everywhere! Dillon was in there too! It was warm in the first foot of the water but slowly progessed into cooler water as you went down, so great! After that we listened to a little guitar pickin and singing by Eddie Robinson, my brother-in-law, Roger Gamble, my Dad and Ray (I wish I knew his last name!) :>

We have one last stop to make today at Peep's house. I'm sure it will prove to be awesome and fun filled as well because Dillon will get to see all his little cousins there too. I just hope he doesn't have anymore bad falls...which leads me to that story. After we arrived home yesterday after leaving Jim's house (Savannah ((our niece)) rode home with us because she spent the night) we saw that a lot of my family was up my Pappaws fishing his pond. So we came home and grabbed our poles and rode up there. Savannah and Emily immediately took off to the horses where my cousin Ashley brought them to pet and ride it! I spent time talkin to some of my cousins...night fell quickly and so it was very dark. Dillon walked up to my Pappaw's front porch where his Granny (my Mom) was. He was chasing his little cousin Destiny up Pappaw's porch steps and tripped on his sandals and fell head-first into the corner of a concrete step!

All I heard was a scream let out not only by Dillon but my Mom too. I started at a run up there and heard someone say He's BLEEDING! So my heart sank with fear of the unknown not seen. When I made it to him I saw blood running down his forehead and Shannon (my cousin) had ran in and gotten him a wet washcloth, once i got him in the light to see I saw a HUGE GINORMOUS egg knot on his forehead with a cut right through the center. First thing I did was bring him straight to my Pappaw for his advice and he said that since it was swelling out it was a good thing because no swelling could mean swelling inside. The bleeding was already stopped and I brought him to the living room...I had ice wrapped in a washcloth but Dillon refused to let anyone near the giant knot. I comforted him as best I could.

So after a few minutes of heart pounding suspense I called the ER and Dr. Suarez (Dillon's regular pediatrician) was on call. She said cold compresses and tylenol would suffice since he was conscious and didn't vomit. She said it was normal for the swelling to be so pronounced and that it would go down slowly. So we took him home to get his blanket because he was screaming for it. Once home, he cuddled it and Mommy and got better. He started jumping and laughing and playing again and we bathed him and put him to bed after his sippy of milk. This morning he awoke happy to Savannah and Emily. He has acted normal all day and I don't even think remembers the knot..but you sure can't miss it. The swelling has went down significantly but it still it very very much so visible! So I figure it will be for a week or so. I'm just glad my baby is okay and didn't have to have stitches! God watches over the children because He loves them unconditionally!

But I am thankful for all of my family. They are all like friends to me because they are so thoughtful and caring. I have a lot in common with a lot of them and appreciate their friendship and role they play in my life. I am not including photos with this post but am very pleased if you took time out to read it! I hope you all had/have a wonderful Memorial's Day weekend! Enjoy the family you still have and live like there's no tomorrow!♥

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