The Bonnie 5: Touch Up Tuesday.


Adjusted Exposure (I don't have exact adjustments, but will next time.)
Adjusted Contrast.
Gave it a "color" adjustment to a warmer temperature.

4 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Karli said...

This is WAY too cute - I love it! You guys look so happy! Your skin tones look warmer, and the trees on the right look warm and yellowy too - great job! Thanks for playing! (Just wanted to let you know...I'm posting this weeks touch-up Tues. in a few minutes, and I just ran across you name on last weeks' meme. Your welcome to link up again for today's if you'd like!) :-) I usually have it up by now; kind of got sucked into House Hunters on TV - LOL! I'm so glad you "played" - thanks!

Natalie said...

I love house hunters!! My husband and I like to guess which house the family will choose in the end. :) thank you for the feedback! We have been together since we were 14 and now we are nearly 22 and have been "together" a grand total of 7 yrs and married for 3 of them with a 20 month old son. Your work is fantastic and you take great photos! If I get home in time tonight I will do another touch up photo :) have a blessed day!!

Ashley Sisk said...

The crop is perfect on this one - love the colors but more importantly, I love the joy in it.

Natalie said...

Thanks Ashley! It is by far my favorite in a long time since my husband rarely will take a photo. His sister took this one for us with my camera as just a play around picture and I feel it needs to be blown up and displayed proudly

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