The Bonnie 5:Touch Up Tuesday!

ISO 200
F 1.8

Adjust Levels +52
Action from Night Fate (deviantART)

2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Karli said...

Oh my goodness Natalie! I was trying to leave you a comment all day, and now I can! :-) Oh, WHEW! I feel soooo bad if I can't respond to someone, and when I was clicking on "post comment," the window wouldn't open up for me. I tried so many times, and even left a comment for you back in my comment section, just in case you peeked back. I felt so bad all day!

I love your edit! You removed the grey cast from his skin and he's so warm and glowy. What a brave lil' guy! My 6 year old wouldn't even do that!

I'm so glad I tried once more tonight. Now it's working! I don't know if it was on my end, but it wouldn't open up the comment window earlier. I felt terrible! Hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!

Natalie said...

Thanks Karli! No, it wasn't on your end it was totally my slip up! AH! Can't believe it took me so long to catch it! Ashley (Sisk) so kindly e-mailed me telling me not once but twice than she wasn't able to post comments either! I didn't check my email till today..bad me! But then I got it all fixed, my template change called for a pop-up comment box instead of the embedded one..sorry for the confusion and anxiety!
In other news thanks for the compliment! I thought so too (about removing the grey cast) and yes, he has NO FEAR! He loves to swim!

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