In a Yellow House: Work and Play

My husband is a Coal Miner.

This is a photo I took of him one day he had to come home from work un-showered because (I) forgot to pack his towel and washcloth for work (Bad Me!)

Anyways, see how dirty his WORK makes him? And I'm sure it was worse than this on first emergence from the underground shaft because dust usually falls off with movement..he works very hard to provide for our family and I'm proud of him.

But when he's home he's all play! Dillon loves to be outside with his Daddy!

And he is a great Father too.

I am so very proud of these two! This is my work and play representation for the week!

9 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Faith said...

WOW love that one of your husband and son in the pool - perfection!

Woould you mind if I featured it in my i{heart}Fridays post this week?

Natalie said...

No, I wouldn't mind! Go right ahead! Thank you for the comment. I'd love to see it featured! :-) Have a Happy Tuesday!

Shari said...

Fantastic work and play photos.

You wee one looks a lot like his daddy! Great photos!

Vi said...

Cool shots and full of honest views! Loved it girl!

carlotta said...

I adore your pool photo! So sweet :)

Anonymous said...

These are so good. You did a great job.

Ashley Sisk said...

Now that's hard work right there. Love this series.

Natalie said...

Thank you very much everyone! i liked this series too, i knew what i was gonna be doing the minute i read it :-)

Faith said...

You were featured on my blog!
i {heart} Friday

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