Mama and the Dudes..Whoops!

I lol at this picture everytime I see it. This is the same day as the photo in my previous post for the Paper Mama Photo Challenge. Anyways, it was our anniversary and we got a babysitter to stay overnight with our son and we spent the day and night in the next county over and at the Best Western. I used my self-timer and apparently had all kinds of wrong settings and came out with this :-D But I had to keep it cause my husband HATES taking photos and was DONE! So ... this is my "whoops" photo!

2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

One shot huh? Well it is cute so worth keeping.

Natalie said...

If you knew my husband you would know how annoyed he gets at people with cameras! lol..well moreso me than "others" he gets aggravated easily haha but i MAKE him sometimes :-D

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