Scavenger Hunt Sunday


So can you guess the mood I'm seeing in this shot?....Well I guess you could think of a few but the one I'm thinking of is Playful! My husband's Dad has a big above ground pool and that's where EVERYONE stays in the summertime to try and cool off and this shot is of my husband's brother as he had slug a cup full of water up in the air just before diving under!

2.Something Masculine

Know what this is? It's a "souped-up" version of a 4 wheeler. It's called a Yamaha Rhino and it just smells like testosterone right? hahaha. My husband has had his eye on one of these babies for years and finally his dream came true early on this year. It can climb, walk through mud with ease and provides much more comfortable seating than your traditional 4 wheeler with seat belts for safety.

3.Something Feminine

So here's what I saw as "feminine" in it's own way. Recently my husband brought me to a beautiful place so I could photograph it because I like to get out of the same-ole, same-ole atmosphere and shake it up a bit. This place was slightly difficult to get to and we had to walk a bit of the way to it. It was worth it thought. Years of chiseled names in the rocks and TONS of graffiti which I love graffiti (in the right place and under the right circumstances) and this girl but a feminine twist to her name I thought.

4.First or Last Initial

This is all I could come up with for initials. Kinda corny but it will have to suffice. I do not own anything that has my first or last initial although I'm sure if I would've "hunted" as the theme says I may have found an N or and F somewhere to photograph so let's just say I was lazy :) This sunset was special because it was raining during the shot. It had been raining all day actually and cloudy it was, but then the last little bit of the evening the sun decided to show itself yet it continued to rain, only thing missing was the rainbow :)


This photo says so many things. Can you see why? It is in downtown Greenville in Muhlenberg County, KY. We went and watched a street concert I guess you could call it ..sad that I never found out the band's name. Only know that they were good. But there were soooo many people, I never fathomed that many people would be there. But the city is remodeling everything that is 'judicial and official' and this is the Justice Building..I love the quote.

7 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tripps said...

the masculine shot is very cool. love the playful mood too.

Kimberly said...

Nice shots. I love the masculine photo!

Ewa said...

i like the mood shot, nice!

Natalie said...

Thanks guys! My husband will be ecstatic that eveyone liked his 'masculine machine' :) it is one of my favorite photos..he would probably blow it up poster size if I would let him haha I will be sure and stop by your blogs and check out your stuff! Have a wonderful week!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great shots - I also love the masculine shot - he sounds like my father in law that collects farm toys. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Kindred Spirit said...

Great interpretations, I especially like your masculine shot :)

Natalie said...

Thank you! I look forward to doing more! these scavenger hunts are fun ! And thanks kindred spirit! :) that seems to be everyones favorite, glad I chose to do that one

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