Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.Leading Lines

Okay, my interpretation of "Leading Lines" (notice the power LINES in the upper corner of the photo...although I'm not super zoomed in on this big bird, I thought it was still a good shot for my 55mm lens :)
2.Something Comfortable

My little neice here looks pretty comfortable doesn't she? :-) Precious.

So this is a photo of my son swinging at the park...it is kinda difficult to take well-focused pictures of a child swinging but sometimes if you're quick enough you get lucky :)

So this is my interpretation, there are 'sights' on a gun that aid in aiming and hitting your desired target, and this is a pretty good photo to show that.

Aww, how sweet...this is my husband and his big sister :) I think she was around 7 when he was born so she was like his second mommy..sweet.

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