To Those Who Have Had Problems Posting Comments!

I apologize for your lack of sharing your opinions! I know that I noticed a big fallout from getting 6-7 comments per post to 0 and I finally said, what's wrong??! So I started investigating and found that when -I- clicked on "post a comment" under my posts it was doing nothing....So if any of my followers or visitors have tried to leave a comment and left with a headache, I apologize and the problem is now fixed so if you'd like to you can leave as many comments as you'd like! Sorry again for the inconvenience! Have a 'bloggyful' day! :-D

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Karli said...

Awesome! Hope you got my other (long) comment as well! YAY! I didn't leave with a headache - LOL, I left feeling so bad that you would think I was rude for not responding. ahhhh, all is well. ;-)

Natalie said...

Yes Karli I got and responded to that one! Thanks so much! And no, I think no less of you! Really, this was my 'fail'! Have a fantastic night!

Anonymous said...

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