A Little Info For My Friends!

Hey you all! If you haven't yet go to my current photo challenge (Listed at the top of this blog) and link up. You have till next Wednesday night to get me your most favorite photos!

On another note I've been getting questions about my edting styles and how I achieve them! I love when other aspiring photographers are inspired by me and ask for tips and tricks of the trade! I would love to give a tutorial or spill some of my "secrets" to those who are wondering! I will post a tutorial for my recent entry photos to Macro Friday and Photo Story Friday soon! (On how I achieved that yellow-y "back in time" edit). I try to let my originality shine and try different spins on my photos and adjust them to my taste...and if anyone would like to achieve the same results for anything of theirs I am open for questions!

Nothing on this site is copyrighted (well besides my photos themselves, so if you ever want to use them, please ask my permission first) But as far as everything else goes if you want to know how I did this or that, like I said just ask! I will be as helpful as I can! Then I'd love to see your results if you try so let me know once you've tried! I love meeting new people and would love to learn from many of you all as well and share ideas and expand my knowledge in the photography world!

Now lastly but definitely not least if you LOVE photo challenges and are a self-pronounced addict and want another to add to your list to everyday 'to-dos' head over to my sister-in-law's blog "They Call Me Mama" and link up to her "Show Yourself" photo challenge! I hope you all have a happy day and great shooting!

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