I LOVE the focal point in the above photo..blurring out Emily (my baby sister) and her surroundings!

And this shows a great amount a blur surrounding my handsome little man!
photo challenge

2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Reina Danielle said...

I LOVE your logo!!!!! Ugh, I wish I was clever enough to make something like that :D

Beautiful bokeh and your son's eyes are stunning!


Natalie said...

Oh thanks so much! My friend designed that logo for me! She is VERY reasonable and makes logos for anyone interested! If you would like some of your own .. customized and all .. go to http://karavanover.blogspot.com and contact her about it! :-) She does wonderful work and has made me several, this one being my favorite!

And thanks for the bokeh and eyes comment..I LOVE bokeh and my sons eyes are like one of a kind!!

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