Once Again a New Look!

Like my new look?? I felt like I needed to spice it up a little bit to go with the seasons. So that means once Halloween has come and gone I may be doing another overhaul. I like change though, I can't stand the same ole same for long periods. But that's just me!!

Now if you are reading this STILL after that first short and sweet paragraph and you know TONS about cameras and lenses and all their accessories I NEED YOUR HELP!!! It won't be anytime soon, (obviously with other big changes going on in our lives) but in the kinda sorta near future I will want to add to my camera accessories. Let me give you a little info about what gear I have. My weapon of choice is a Sony A230, I don't know how many of my readers have Sony's??? Raise your hand if so! And if you do..PLEASE continue reading for my sake and jump in with comments answering my questions at the end if you can!!

Anyways...Sony A230. I have a wireless remote, the kit lens (18-55) and a 50mm (which I LOVE!). I only have stock flash and winter is approaching meaning my little one and I won't be outside as much to take pictures every other day with the gorgeous natural lighting SOOO I have been considering purchasing an external flash. Now I am no whiz kid at where I should even begin looking...because I've ventured out to google 'external flash for Sony a230' with a GAZILLION results..ranging from very economically prices to OUTRAGEOUS OH MY GOSH prices. What I need to know is where I will get the most bang for my buck, cause I don't wanna break the bank but I want good quality too.

So does ANYONE know or will they recommend an external flash that I should look into for my Sony? Or maybe even a brand that has moderately priced flashes? If you know don't hold out on me!! (LOL) I am so lost in camera gear world! So just leave me a comment or shoot me and email (franklinnatalie28@yahoo.com) and let me know if you know something that will make me SMILE!

Also, lens recommendations. Besides my 50, any suggestions on what I should look into next? I've researched and researched and read review after review on it seems like EVERY lens out there and tried to find sample images and the whole nine yards. Just can't decide! Keep in mind I have a Sony, so I think the lens selection is a little more slim pickin that with a Canon or maybe even Nikon so even if you research it and find something good let me know!! Once again I'm not rich so I can't pay like a grand for a lens (LOL) but my stopping limit would be around 200, maybe 250..possibly even 300 if it were just a friggin awesome lens. But it won't be anywhere NEAR soon for a new lens. SO, any advice, tips, information please SHARE~! I would surely appreciate! Oh and if you happen to own a Sony and have different lenses and would like to share YOUR sample images as examples of what the lenses can do FEEL FREE!!!! I won't mind, I promise!! Happy blogging..until next time!

4 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

FootPrints said...

CUTE! and i love the photo you used!

Elizabeth said...

I don't have any equipment advice, but I think your new look is fantastic!

Janis said...

Love your new look. As far as advice for a sony, I have none as I work with a Nikon. But a suggestion for where to look is B&H super store in NYC. They have just about anything your looking for and good prices. You may even want to look for used lenses on ebay or craigs list. you may have already done all of the above. Good luck with your search!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the compliments on my new look..and Janis thanks for that info! I'll have to go check it out!

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