Potty Training

So I remember when I first started this blog back in January or thereabouts I wrote a post about gearing up for potty time, cause that is when we bought our little monkey his potty chair. Well since then potty training has been an AWESOME experience here. No problems whatsoever. I was terrified to even put underwear on him the first time I bought them but once I did and explained to him to tell me when he had to pee he caught on surprisingly fast and is officially potty trained at home. I love it too. All I did was repeat myself like 1,000 times a day + the words "TELL ME if you have to pee in the potty, don't pee on yourself"..and that's all it took. The constant reminding kept him from having many accidents and with his potty chair sitting in the living room within close proximity the accidents were few and far in between.

Peeing in the potty has been achieved but the 'other' business (let's say #2) hasn't been accomplished yet. The only time he has a diaper on at home is during nap time or when he gets his nighttime bath and gets his jammies on for bed. Usually he "goes" early in the morning right after waking up while he's still in his night diaper because he knows that soon the underwear goes on and he "can't go" in those. And he's never told me he's had to go when in his underwear, just always waited till I got a diaper on before naptime or at night before he 'went' if he had to do #2. So does anyone suggest any advice on encouraging doing #2 in the potty? Anything that worked for them? Is there anyone out there with the same problem? Hahaha. Oh the joys of being a Mommy and talking about "#2's" on a blog.

But for the most part I'm proud of him. I'm glad that training at home was so easy. Now I just gotta work on the same in public! How would I even begin there? Pack 40 changes of clothes and underwear for accidents or should I use pull-ups? Although he knows the difference in "diaper" material and "cloth/underwear" material so he may just go in a pull up since it's similar to a diaper. Whew! I hope you guys have some good input! A lady I go to church with suggested doing Pull-Ups and constantly asking/reminding him to go to the potty or if he needs to go when we're out...etc. But I will take any advice that worked for anyone with the same concerns! Thanks and have a nice week!

Oh yes! My lens is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow! I woke up at 8:00 this mornin and couldn't get back to sleep just thinkin about it...so I got up and have been watching for the UPS truck all day! If it's not here today it should be tomorrow (and knowing my luck..well, ya know!).. But my flash is supposed to arrive between today and Friday too! SOO I am kind've ecstatic. I hope they come early on in the day so I can actually use it instead of right at dark when all my other deliveries have tried to come and not give me a chance to use it on a GORGEOUS day like it is here today (75 and sunny with a breeze!) But okay, NOW I'm done! Toodles!

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Ana said...

Yay for potty training! We had a great experience too with Isaac. I was prepared for poo flinging monkey business, but it wasn't like that at all :D

I had the same apprehension about going out with Isaac. Here's the game plan I came up with:

1--Start off small. Go to someone's house that understands accidents (if they happen). As soon as you walk through the door, bring your little champ to the bathroom and have him go. Telling Isaac to "hang it over" always worked :D And then many repetitions of "Do you have to go?" through out the visit. We started off with an hour and worked up time.

2--Pack a travel size potty in your car just in case! We very rarely had to use ours, but it was just nice having that reassurance.

3--As soon as you enter the store, locate the bathroom. You can always take him to go right away, but I feel like that starts a habit of "Pee once you hit the store!"

4--Start off with a short trip to the store, say a milk run.

5--Ask! Ask! Ask! For us it was, "Isaac, do you have to peep?" over and over and over :)

After a while, his little bladder will get stronger and stronger through the excitement, and he'll be able to hold it even better.

Congratulations on a happy potty training time! Pretty soon, after that #2 hits the toilet instead of the night diaper for a week in a row, you will be in complete Mommy Heaven!! :) Cheers to you Mommy--you're doing great!

Natalie said...

WOW ANA! Thanks for that advice! I will surely be taking it! Sounds like you had a good game plan! This is my first child and I have always asked/taken advice from other Moms when it came to something new. So thank you for taking the time to first read it and to give me some help!

Ana said...

lol! I write a lot :) I know how you feel 100%. I just had #2, but with #1, I was asking around all over the place. Other Mommy advice is awesome! I'm glad I could share my game plan, and I hope you can take a lot from it :)

I hope your lens comes in today so you can play around with it and show off the results. I love your pictures! Your little guy is absolutely adorable!

Karly said...

I am so glad I am not the only one in the new potty-trainer mode. Afton does OK with her little potty, she'll pee in the morning and sometimes at night, but during the day it seems to be a hit and miss. Sometimes she seems to even hold it all in! I've been scared to throw on the underwear because of the whole accidents thing, but you're giving me courage to try it!

A friend of mine had trouble with the #2 business until one day she forgot to pack diapers for daycare, and apparently not having a diaper option was all it took for her daughter to convert to going #2 in a toilet. It may be worth a shot if you've got the provisions (extra sheets and whatnot) for a possible accident!

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