Practice Makes Perfect.

And after spending ALL day with this lens, I have found out that it is definitely my new 'fav'. I found my 'happy' settings and I just cannot get enough bokeh. It's like an addiction!

Isn't little monkey just SOOOOO perfectly captured ;-) (Besides the snot if you see it :-) I carry around pocketfulls of kleenex only to wipe his nose and two seconds later it be runnin like a maple tree again! So forgive me! :-)

And this is the sweet macro at work. Husband...thank you for adding this to my collection. *Muah. Hugs and Kisses! Xoxoxo
What do YOU guys think? Great buy?? :-)

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ana said...

Great pics! I love the bokeh too :)

Michelle said...

that first pic is GORGEOUS! what lens are you using?

Natalie said...

Thanks guys! And michelle-I have a minolta maxxum AF 28-85mm for my sony! And I certainly love it!

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