Winners of Shoot -N- Tell MOTHER NATURE!

Well, there wasn't quite as many entries this week as we've been getting BUT all the awesomeness that WAS here made up for it!! I loved this theme because I love Mother Nature...when she's in a 'good' mood :-). It was HARD to pick winners this week because there were just SO MANY wonderful and captivating photos! But here are the ones that super caught my eye!
1st Place

Aurora from Photo Freak! Congrats on your first place win! I LOVED the edit and the simplicity of the photo but also the dramatic'ness' it conveyed!

The Franklins

2nd Place

Jeanette from In the Light Photography! This shot was just amazing to me. To capture a bird mid-flight and so up close and personal! Plus the landscaping in the background is also gorgeous! The whole photo has appeal, my eye is drawn EVERYWHERE! Congrats!

The Franklins

3rd Place

Tara from Live Every Moment Blog! I LOVED the reflection in this photo as soon as I saw it! The ripples in the lake were also very captivating still showing a crisp clean reflection of fall-colored trees! Congrats!

The Franklins

Now on to my FAVS of the week...all you guys are awesome and I hope to see your return each week to Shoot -N- Tell Challenges!

Jessi at The Moments in Between Blog! I love silhouettes, and this shot was just so beautiful! The palms, the city lights, the moon...what more could you ask for?!

Heidi from Me in the Mix Blog! Her photo was true and was very clever and I love her whole unique idea to represent Mother Nature!!

The Wishful Lamb! This shot she entered reminded me SO much of the landscaping around here that it made me think of well...here in my hometown! The water in the background added a lovely touch as well! Congrats to you all and here's a button if you like!

The Franklins

4 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

The Wishful Lamb said...

tysm hun!!!

Tara said...

Yay!!! Thanks for chosing my photo!!!!

Photo Freak said...

wow. this is my first first place. Thankyou, I am honored. I took it with my old reble years ago to, I guess that shows its not the equipment you have, but the heart behind it! Im honored thankyou!

Natalie said...

Aurora-i agree 110%!! I used to do photos with a canon powershot point and shoot and did pretty well if I do say so myself!! If you know how to use your camera the it doesnt matter what you're using!! Congrats to you al land you are SO welcome for it! You deserve it! Now go join the newest challenge~

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