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PP: Tell Me a Story

Hmm I think it only is gonna take one photo to tell this story :) It is deer season here in our neck of the woods and on the FIRST day my Dad came out with this. He has always gotten a 'trophy' buck..every year...luck..or skill??? We shall never know.

Macro Monday

Some of the few leaves left we have on our bushes/trees :)

Paper Heart Camera: From Where I'm Sitting

Sitting on my paren't carport one day..camera in lap..my niece (pictured) and younger sister started to play basketball...so I proceeded to turn it on and quickly snap this shot (which is unedited) :)
Photography love...

Shutter Love Tuesday: Birthday!

This was my husband on his birthday in September this year! I got him an oreo ice cream cake and while he was outside installing the birthday present I got him I got it out and did his 22 candles! Called him in and turned the lights off and snapped some shots. He really didn't expect it and it was sweet, simple and something he loved which touched my heart! We love our Daddy! (Said from me and Dillon (our son)) :)
The Trendy Treehouse

Happy Monday

This is anything week over at Happy Monday (My Life Mixed with Photography)...and she said anything that makes you happy. Well. Newborns definitely make me happy...but having the chance to photograph them in cute tutus and bows makes me even HAPPIER! :-D
photo challenge

Sweet Shot Day

10 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Jessica said...

Great photos! That little bundle of Joy would brighten my day also!! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

How I pick a favorite - I love them all. Great work Natalie!

Shari said...

Yup~ that 1st photo certainly tells a story!.. nice shot BTW~

Super work on all the shots. Don't ya just love babies in tutu's? Ha.. I should say Don't ya just love little girls in Tutu's? Cuz I just got a new tutu and it looks so cute on my Hannah who is 6.

Maddy said...

Awesome photos! The baby in the tutu would make so happy too!

Sue said...

Pretty sweet photos!


Diane said...

Great shots. Each one tells such a different story! :O)

Jamie said...

What an awesome set of photos

Brittany said...

Aidyn totally freaked out when he seen the big buck! Lol he is OBSESSED with hunting! ha ha!

Natalie said...

Thanks everyone!

And YES Shari, lottle girls ARE definitely cute in tutu's!

Brittany-as you can see my Dad is obsessed too! Not only for the thrill of the kill but also because we LOVE the meat :-)

leigh said...

I want to eat that baby.

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