Marching to the Beat of my Own Drum..

...is so fun. I am so cool...that I put my tree up (yes, my Christmas tree) TODAY! To me...Halloween is pretty much the end of warm weather. Seems like after that goulish holiday has passed it gets colder and colder until it becomes permanently cold. SO I put my tree up AFTER Halloween instead of after Thanksgiving. Plus, I do a total spring (but fall in this case) cleaning on the house when tree time comes. SOO I feel like all that work deserves to be shown off longer than like twenty something days. Tee hee. Think I'm crazy yet? No, I'm just different..and different is absolutely beautiful! Here are some images of the after effect. Bokeh, sweet bokeh..how I love thee!

The big picture

My Monkey.

My sister (whom is spending the night since she's off school tomorrow for vote day!)

Bokeh tree oh bokeh tree!

Hey, its JESSE!

24k ornament commemorating the restaurant my husband and I first dined at as husband and wife on our honey moon!

Ornament from Dillon's 1st Christmas..sent to me by my wonderful sweet Aunt Jane from Kansas

A homemade Styrofoam ornament made last year at a family get together!

So hope you enjoyed my little share...I LOVE Christmas. It is so great to snuggle up in blankets and have your heat warming the house snuggled to the ones you love and coming together as a family. Its not about gifts but about giving and coming together and showing strength as a family! I get into Christmas...and everything I do is focuses on my son. My husband and I barley buy for one another..in fact we've already got all his gifts! Wow, that was good. So no last-minute stressing..and you won't know what he gets until the after Christmas Morn photos! :-) hehe. So please have a wonderful time between now, Thanksgiving and Christmas..and I hope you have many Blessings!

7 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad there is another who puts their tree up after Halloween! LOL. It's actually a tradition in my family. We don't necessarily decorate for Christmas completely until later in November, but the tree and the lights go up after Thanksgiving. The ornaments go on later. Weird, but yeah. Everyone has their own traditions! I love your shots!

Shari said...

You are really rockin' the bokeh in some of these shots!

I personally don't like a tree in my house period. (bah humbug) Not really, I have a tiny living room and I just can't deal with a tree. So I am with the majority and put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take it down on New Year's Day (if I am not too hungover).

I am glad you march to the beat of your won drum. That, my dear, makes the world go 'round.

and - thanks for stopping over and visitng at my blog, you made me smile!

Jan n Jer said...

Wow you are an early bird. Hope thats an artificial tree...dont think it would last if it isnt! I am you typical put tree up the day after Thanksgiving and take down the week after Christmas. Enjoy!

Natalie said...

Captivs--yes! I have a few friends that put theirs up yesterday too :) so we arent alone being in early holiday cheer :-D and i went ahead and put all my ornaments up but the tree is pre-lit so it was a breeze to get up...

Shari-our living room is tiny too! We live in a 980 sq ft trailer but we fit a sectional in here so we were like what the heck-stuff a tree in there too! Its over in the corner where a small marble end table usually is so it doesnt take up any extra space really..and you're super welcome for me stopping by! :-)

Jan, yes an early bird indeed..and no, its definitely artificial! Lol ..my pappaw who lives a couple houses down from us is the only one who ever really went out and got a real tree...i remember going and helping pick it out as a kid!

Tara said...

That is great!!! I noticed your new background too! Love it. Great pictures and great bokeh. Enjoy the tree!

Maddy said...

WOW! I'm loving the holidays at your house! Unfortunately, it took until mid-October to put up my Halloween decor and Christmas is no different! I seem to be running late with everything :)

likeschocolate said...

I still haven't taken all my Hallween decorations down, but what fun for your children. Love the vintage feel of these photos.

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