The Most Important Thing You Could Do For Me..

Is to vote for my little monkeyDillon in the cutest kid contest. It is being held by Tori at Freckles and Fudge blog and Brittany at Unexpected Surprises blog.

First off let me say how can you not love this little man's face. It's pudgy and perfectly round with a winning smile...blah blah blah.

I dont want to paint a big old picture that he's the greatest kid in the world because to every Mother their own child is the cutest *in the world* and nothing will change that. So I will say that -I- love this cute little pudgy face more than ever and that tooth-filled grin melts my heart everytime it happens..So it would make me eternally greatful, whether he wins or not, if you would go cast your vote for him :-)

He will be two on December 7th, which isn't too far aways. This contest ends December 20th so it would make a GREAT belated birthday presnt or early Christmas present. I've never won any of the huge contests like this and I don't go in expecting it, I just love to enter and show off my little man and be the proud Mommy I am and hope for the best. He's still number one in my eyes whether he wins or not!

He is very smart, he can say his whole alphabet already and count to like 8. He loves to sing kid's gospel songs like 'Jesus Loves Me' or 'How Great Is Our God'. He is potty trained at home and is the most loving kid you'll ever know. He has very good manners, always says thank you and excuse me. He can be a little bratty at times and whiney when he wakes up from his daily naps but hey, I am too sometimes and I'm nearly 22! :-)

He makes my world go around. I never knew what love was until I became a Mommy. Not the deep love like a Mother has for her child. I love my husband more than anything but my love for my son is different and it runs forever like an untame stream. He changed my life and myself and I am thankful for this cute little face. Children make the hardest of hearts soften...I love Dillon and so does his Daddy and we would be honored and the proudest parents in the world to see him win, but if not your participation is so greatly appreciated that you'll never know! Thank you! Here are his current pictures that will be shown ....:-)

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Vic said...

hi thanks for entering...i'm about to update the page...would you like me to use a specific pic or is any fine...:)

Natalie said...

The one of him in the suit and tie ..thanks :-)

Brittany said...

ummm seriously adorable! :) Thanks for playing a long! He seriously such a hunk!

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