The New Blog Is Up....

...And running!! I have yet to make a post besides a "test post" and it took all day (in spurts) to build it but nonetheless it is done. Now for you guys!! If you have interest in following me on that blog please don't hesitate to request !! I would love to have daily readers and commenters and advice givers and who knows..maybe some takers!! I just felt like my "family/business/personal/everyday" posts should be separate from my "photog blog" so that it can get the recognition it deserves while my photography itself stands to be enjoyed alone and get its credit too. Don't get me wrong I will post photos on my other blog, it would be "un-photographer" like of me not to ;) but this is where all my daily challenge entries will reside!!

Also if you noticed I once again skipped out on the Shoot -N- Tell Challenge this week and I apologize for that! Especially since I had a very talented photographer from "Captivus" blog as my guest judge for the week! But alas, I have been insanely busy and swamped what with these mini Christmas Sessions coming up and preparing for it...Anyways, if you want me to send you an invite to become a reader/follower friend to my blog send me an email to mine at franklinnatalie28@yahoo.com so I can send you an invitation via email..or if there is a way here is a LINK back to the "new" blog if there is any way you can request permission that I may not know of...Otherwise get me your email and I will hook you up! Stay cool my friends and enjoy your weekend!!

2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Iona N. said...
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Captivus said...

Well this is a great idea! I definitely want to follow :-)

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