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Ok ok, so this looks like it has NOTHING to do with food..but Chelsey says that they could be eating, cooking, playing with or NEAR food. I am gonna be a smart "cookie" (ha, no pun inteded) and guess that when she says "near" food it means the food should be in the shot...BUT I have looked through every single stinkin folder in my picture albums and can't find ONE photo of Dillon eating food or even pictured with it. Isn't that simply RIDICULOUS?!?! Especially considering I probably have like 1000 photos of JUST him alone~! AH.

AN-Y-WAYS I will give you a photo of him .. while I was "COOKING FOOD" .. yes.. the stove is just a couple steps down from the sink..washing dishes while Mommy cooked. This would be the perfect entry had the theme been "dishes" or "washing"... but AT LEAST food was involved when the shot was taken :-) So here is the photos for you to just enjoy anyways. I've shared them before I know..a while back, but they're so cute they can afford to be shown again right?!?!?!

Oh and to prove brunettes have blonde moments too, before I even made it to Chelsey's blog to ready the guidelines...I only saw that the theme was "food". So at the moment I was enjoying and super-yummy-delicious Swiss Roll and thought HEY! Lookee there! So grabbed my camera and put it in it's macro setting and snapped a shot of a "face" I made outta said swiss rolls...then edited it and all before actually going to the blog and reading it had to center around your kids. Poop. Now my pretty swiss roll can't be shown. WRONG! Since there was no food in the shots of my monkey, here is some food...in this post with him..to make is a little closer to following the rules :->

The Paper Mama

5 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Anonymous said...

Oh, yummy yummy yummmmmmm!!!!!!! Great shot too!

Ashley Sisk said...

It works for me and I'm hungry so I could eat my screen.

Buckeroomama said...

This series of photos is too cute!! ...and you make me want to have some of those chocolate logs right now! YUM.

Natalie said...

Thanks you guys!! I do have a soft(/sweet) spot for those tasty treats! And Buckeroomama I have never heard them called chocolate logs!! :-) that is too great, Im going to call them that now lol !

Candra Georgi said...

so cute and creative...love the tighty whities

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