Photographer's Dream Location (Or Mine, Anways)--Challenge Catch Up!

Macro Monday
macro cactus
macro bee on flower
macro leaves

Paper Heart Camera: A View from Above
me again
Photography love...

Trendy Treehouse: Fall!!
Face! :D
Emily and Destiny
The Trendy Treehouse

Sweet Shot Tuesday!
Go HERE to see more!
Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

Perceptive Perspective:Giving Thanks--Simplicity:Thankful
Hubby Bubby :D
My husband ... Oh how I love him! He's a big kid at heart JUST LIKE ME!! And I am most definitely thankful for him!
Col. Park (86 of 100)
I'm thankful for my son...he is just so cute..and I'm thanful for his health and the fact that he's here and I am so blessed to be his Mother! (this is my entry for Faith's Challenge, Thankful!)
Sister & Brother in Law
My sister...my best friend! All my sisters are..and my parents..family is bascially what I'm thankful for, along with the love of God! God is great and gave me this family!

Mellow Yellow Monday
Look at ALL THAT YELLOW! AMAZING! I love it. Life IS better with a splash of yellow!

Happiness Project
me reading
Learning new things (reading a "historical sign") makes me happy...
And being with my family all day at a beautiful place makes me happy too! :D

Communal Global:Around the World
love this photo!
Everything about this photo is soft and lovely. I love it. Her long hair, beautiful colors and softness...couldn't be more perfect!

Ruby Tuesday
The trees are as ruby red as could be! I love it!

7 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tara said...

Beautiful photos! I love the Communal Global entry so much!

Ashley Sisk said...

There is no way I could comment on every photo but you have quite a beautiful collection here.

Danielle said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Love the colors.

Michelle said...

Great series! I love all the beautiful fall colors and all the reminders of what we do have to be thankful for.

Teresa said...

Those are just great. I love the two girls throwing the leaves--so much fun!

Faith said...

SO sweet!! Love all the pretty fall colors :)

Snowcatcher said...

The autumn leaf pictures definitely are wonderful, but everything is so beautiful!

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