Happy Birthday...

To my baby sister. (Well, belated) Her birthday was 12.18 (Saturday) and we celebrated by taking her to the restaurant of her choice and then she went to a store and got two Nintendo DS games and a game called Loopz. She turned 8 this year..wow! 8!? Where in the WORLD does time go!!? I was 14 when she was born, she was unplanned and my Mother was 40 when she was conceived so it definitely was odd for her having a child so late but we wouldn't trade her for the WORLD!! She is full of life and spirit and energy and is one of the GREATEST Aunties (to my son Dillon) you could ask for! She was born early (TWO MONTHS early to be exact) and weight 4 lbs! It was scary at first because she had to stay in the NICU for two weeks (through Christmas) and we went to visit every chance we got outside of school.

Im so glad she's happy and healthy and she's so smart in school!! She's brought home A's for the most part and loves to attend school which is a plus. She can be a little shy at times but she opens up quick! She's a complete joy to be around, a 'little Mommy' and helper and just is all around a great, awesome, terrific, fantastic WONDERFUL kid. I wanted to take a little time to make a little post to say..Happy Birthday sweet lil sister, we all love you with all our hearts and hope you have MANY MORE!!!

I took some pictures of her the night before her birthday since she wanted to stay the night :) We waited until after Dillon went to bed and dressed up with a little makeup and cute clothes and did some Christmas-y Birthday shots!

And I just LOVE this edit I did...I just opened the image in Adobe Camera Raw and did an auto adjust to the white balance and then opened the image and ran the "Sugar Cookies" action from Paint the Moon's Awesome Sweet Treats Collections (which I stumbled across on Paper Heart Camera's blog in a post by Shauna over at Captivus Living! ((Thanks!)) And then I did an adjustment to the 'canvas size' and upped the height about 500 pixels and added text! Hope you all like it!

I have also seen this idea for cards and such throughout the many blog visits I've made and I think it's awesome. Basically turning a portrait photo into a landscape by adding to the width and customized text!! There's endless possibilities here folks! :)

So I know I've shown three already but I'm throwing in a couple more for the road..couple of simple ones that kept my eye! Thanks for stopping by!

3 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Jaymi said...

These are beautiful! I love your blog!

Shannon said...

You have got that bokeh down! I love the last picture of her. So sweet!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday!

Great photos, Natalie!

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