If you're My BFF then you know....

I eat sour cream with EVERYTHING (corndogs are my fav to dip in sour cream!)

I am a total bitch when I'm on the *womanly*

I cannot stand for snot to be on my kid's face..crusty or fresh..I will wipe it until it's raw...

Some days I'm totally obsessed with having my whole house clean..and some days I seem like a slob.

I used to eat the little white flowers that grew in the clovers when I was a kid.

I also ate dog kibble and horse food..Oh Yumm.

I have a potty mouth in person so I often say fuck, shit, damn & hell a LOT.

I'm completely opposite of the word "SHY".

I laugh so loud it's pretty ridiculous & I can't control it.

I buy my kid more shoes that he will ever need in his entire life.

I SUCK at keeping the laundry washed up.

I bite my nails like .. ALL DAY LONG.

I am allergic to "the cold" (*WHAT?! That's the crazies theing EVER!*) Well it's true..my doctor has put me on a DAILY anti-histamine because it's not that I'm "allergic to cold" but when I am cold my clothes rub my skin causing a release of histamines (which she says I have too much of in my body hence why I have to take an anti-histamine) WEIRD. NERD. Yeah.

I will not eat eggs if it has that crusty stuff that forms around the edge of the pan while its cooking.

I will not eat any meat that is not WELL WELL done..not burnt but if there is pink..red..blood..anything like that. Um. Hell no. Thanks.

You are either my friend or not. There's no grey area.

Im not scared of "inside" darkness but I am scared of "outside" darkness...if I'm alone.

I'm not perfect but I am a perfectionist.

I have a short fuse at times.

I love my son more than anything you could say OR imagine.

I won't wear any tennis shoes unless they're Nike shoes.

I go crazy if I loose something and have to tear things apart to find it.

When there is a birthday party I HAVE to have the cards people get..I save them. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. They are way more special to me than the present ever is.

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4 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Ashley Sisk said...

That was fun - I bet you're a trip to hang out with.

Natalie said...

Thanks! Yeah I pretty much am!! Maybe someday through some chance we can hang together..that would be SmAShTAstic!!! :-) lol

Jamie said...

What fun - love getting to know you better.

Shari said...

LOL - Wow! interesting Info.

Kinda reminds me of me - except for the crusties around the eggs... That is a favorite part of mine and I eat it right outta the pan. LOL

This was a great little Meme!

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