I've Been Given Another Award to Pass Along!

So I was just given the Trendy Blog Award right after Christmas and New Years and now I have been given another! The Stylish Blog Award by my friend Ashley over at {these days} Hi Lovlies! blog! But like the Trendy Award there are some rules to go by and here is my award:
and here are my instructions:
In order to accept this award I must:

A - Thank the person who awarded to us.

B- Share seven things about myself .

C- Pass along our "stylishness" by awarding the award to 15 other bloggers, and then let them know I did it!

So first of all, THANK YOU ASHLEY! I am truly honored each time I receive any form of appreciation whether it be a blog award or a simple comment. I love the love!

Now onto 7 Things About Me
1. I have too much histamine in my body so I break out when I get "cold" so I have to take a histamine daily (phahaha) I know.

2. I am pretty much addicted to sour neon gummy worms. Yum.

3. I have (for the most part) stopped drinking pop. It's only a treat now.

4. I have double jointed thumbs and toes (Whoa!)

5. I cook almost every. single. day.

6.I buy my child shoes uncontrollably.

7. I have a mole in my left eyebrow that causes it to be "crooked" and I HATE it. LOL

Lastly I must pass this on to 15 blogs! Here they are:
1.Six Cherries on Top
2.The Daily Wyatt
3.A Good Life, Photos
4.Captivus Living
5.The Bonnie 5
6.My Take on Photography
7.My [BOYS]terous Life
8.Allie Photography
10.Window to My Soul
11.Ramblings and Photos
12.Live Every Moment
14.NapTime MomTog
15.Lyrical Journey

Whew! That was hard but all the blogs I read are beautiful and great to read in their own ways! Hope you all have a nice week!

Oh and by the way, while I'm here, my photo was chosen as a favorite over at Live Every Moment blog! Thanks so much! It was really an honor! To see my entry go HERE.

6 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tara said...

Yay! Thanks for the award!!!

Kindred Spirit said...

Thanks for the AWESOME award :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!!

Karli said...

Awww, thanks Natalie! You're so sweet to think of me. And wha??? You stopped drinking soda - eeeek! I'm not even going to attempt that one. ;-) Thanks again! Have a great evening!

Ashley Sisk said...

Congrats and thanks so much for passing it along.

Jamie said...

Congrats Natalie - you are pretty stylish.

Thanks for passing it on - for a girl who hasn't been out of her uggs or yoga pants in a week feeling stylish is a good thing - even if you really meant my blog and not me!

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