Monday Challenges!

Hey there LOVES!
Did you enjoy you weekend?! I know I did.
I got to spend it with all THREE of my sisters
AND I got to take a ton of pictures. YAY ME!
I'll be sharing a few in the post of course but others will come later as needed ;)

First, I want to send you to a blog that I know you will LOVE. My friend, Kara Vanover, used to blog daily on Live Journal last year when she was doing her 365. She then lost time to blog and deleted it. Now she has returned to bloggyland and is using Blogger to blog..(blog..I said that WAY too many times right?!) Anyways..I wanna send you guys her way to check out her work and maybe even become a follower if you like? She's gonna try and start participating in the weekly challenges and I promise you won't be bored! To visit her blog click HERE. Thanks!

Okay onto business. I am participating in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt Sunday this week and I hope none of these photos are a stretch for the the prompts! (Hehe, makes ya think some might be eh?) I hope you enjoy them though ;)

1.A Different View
This would technically qualify as a different view for us..since these cows are at my Pappaw's "farm". Our neighbors have horses that I've photographed numerous times but today..the cows were the ones in my viewfinder so they were in the spotlight for a day ;) I'm also linking this shot up with Chelsey over at The Paper Mama blog!
The Paper Mama

2.Looking Up
Scripture & Snapshot
Can you tell that I was looking up to take this shot? Well, I was ;) And Im so glad it came out this good..I'm usually not a great moon photographer and this still isn't as close as I'd like but my largest zoom is 85 so until I invest in a telephoto this is what I get I guess..but no complaints! I also added the scripture for Scripture & a Snapshot! Also..the theme over at Paper Heart Camera is "Looking Up" so I'm linking up there too.
Photography love...

again with the weeds! ;)
I'm always at a loss with the "abstract" themes. Does this count? I hope so. If not..at least you got some more dead weeds to look at, they're my specialty since winter began :D

I don't know about you but if this plant had hair, that 'fluff' would be it. Agreed? Anyone? (*insert cricket chirps here*) LOL just kiddin. I would think this could pass as the plant's hair? Also, for the golden-y yellows in there I am using this and my choice for Mellow Yellow Mondays!
This week over at Live Every Moment the theme is Macro, I should've used or taken a new macro shot BUT I love this one A LOT so I'm entering it! :D

Deep Thought
This is half my son's face the other morning while he was eating cheetos puffs. He was in deep thought..can't you tell?! LOL

Well there you have it..my Scavenger Hunt Sunday and a few others thrown in the mix! Have an awesome week my friends!

Now for a separate entry into Happy Monday over at Allie Reid's blog...The theme this week is "Something Hotr" (seeing as how last week's theme was "Something Cold") So here is my entry for the week:
God's beauty
See the sun peeping through the cedar? The sun is most definitely hot..and thankfully on Saturday it gave us enough warmth to enjoy being outside comfortably instead of freezing our booties off! To see more check out Allie's blog!

And this week at Pator's Girl's Ponderings the theme is "people"...so I am using a photo of *three* of my favorite people (so there's more..) and it is of my three beautiful sisters!
My sisters!
I'm also linking this up with Simple as That! Because put simply, I love when we're all together at once!

25 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Michelle said...

Love your abstract and hair shots!

jillconyers said...

Love the texture of your abstract photo. Great hair shot and beautiful blue sky.

misc.alaina said...

Great photos! Love your hair and hot shots!!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

GREAT shots! Love Love the Half.....so stinking cute. :) (I have to get my entries in tonight..must remember)

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all really great - I love every single one of them! Hope you have a fantastic week.

Kim, USA said...

I really do love your photos! Happy Monday!

julie said...

LOVE the abstract, hair & half...great interpretations! :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

oh my goodness the flower shots are so beautiful and Half is such a creative shot!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love the hair one. :D

Sheri said...

Great shots!

Funny because I swear I took a shot of the moon and some dead "weeds" that are so similar to yours this week!

Linda R. said...

WOW.. These are gorgeous shots. I love that first one.. The photo of your little guys face is so adorable.. Hope you are having a happy Monday! Hugs, Linda

Tiffany said...

these look good natalie. I like the dead flowers ;-) and your mom shots have gotten really good. you could probably crop it? i sometimes do when i use my 55-200 just to get even closer but it looks great either way!

Becky said...

My favorite is Abstract... :)

The Clip Cafe said...

I love all your takes on this challenge. I hope you like mine :-)

Mom of M&Ms said...

Love all the shots.. but girl! I am exhausted.. I can not beleive you did tha tall in one post!! Amazing! Glad your weekend rocked!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely shots, love that "hair" shot.

L. said...

These are all great but I especially love your first shot (I'm a sucker for cows)!

love and life ♥ said...

Wow, these are all so amazing! Love the abstract, hair & half! What a cute photo!!! xo

Becca said...

For whatever reason, the cow pictures is my fave!!

Allie said...

Great pictures! I like the sun picture! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

Buckeroomama said...

Gorgeous shots, Natalie... I especially LOVE the Hair one! =)

Michelle said...

I love your cow shot!! She's got such a great expression on her face!

And I like your moon shot - Some of my favorite moon shots were taken with my p&s, so your 85mm is great! Great verse to use, too, even if the moon is up during the day.

Katie said...

These are all really wonderful!!

I really like your Scripture & a Snapshot entry! You did a great job - I think moons are tough to capture during the day.

And that cow - I LOVE cows! They're so stinkin' cute! :)

Liz said...

the wheat shot is soft and pretty.

Kristy said...

Stunning "winter texture" shots!

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