Pullin a "Late" Nighter

Straight to the point.
I am tired.
Tired. Tired. Tired.
Go to bed? Me? Psh. That never happens 'till around 2 AM!
Because I am unorthodox I guess.
Hehe..sorry for being random and rambling.
Going to link up to a few of the Tuesday Challenges and get some photos ready for link-ups that aren't up until tomorrow!

First off, Trendy Treehouse! The theme these is Tint. Gosh this could be interpreted in SO MANY WAYS. However I chose this way:
Tints and a funny face
I took this photo tonight of little man in his playroom. I must've snapped at the perfect moment to have captured that face. LOL! Anyways this action is from Nelly Nero's B&W collection & it's called "Ain't(and/or Isn't) Life a Peach? It's a black and white action that has a peach tint to it. After it runs the tint is usually more subtle but I amped it up to give it that "tint-y" tint feel for the theme :D To see more tints to over to the Trendy Treehouse by clicking the button below!
If you like it please head over the the Trendy Treehouse blog by clicking the button above and voting for him in the comment section PLEASE! :)

Sweet Shot Tuesday
There's nothing that says "Sweet" more than a man getting his wife flowers for their 56th wedding anniversary! This is my Pappaw and Mammaw. On December 31st of 2010 they were officially married for 56 years! (For you all wondering and it's okay if you are my Mammaw has a disease called Huntingston Disease..it's a terrible life-altering disease that there has not been a cure found for yet and my Pappaw has been taking care of her splendidly for the last 40 years. He is a Saint in my eyes! He works more than anyone I've ever seen!) Want more sweetness? Click below! Also, the theme at Simplicity is Happiness and this photo doesn't 'say' happiness it SCREAMS it! To see more, click below!
life with my 3 boybarians

The Happiness Project
Flowers make me happy, especially since they were the only living ones within 20 miles of me :) This shot was taken out of the bouquet in the photo above of my Grandparents! To see more Happy Shots just click below!

Communal Global
Face + Bokeh
Must I say anything. Cute face. Bokeh. End.
Num Num Num
Once again. Eyes. Cheeto face. End. :D
To see More:

Touch Up Tuesday
I just used some basic editing to give a little warmth and 'pop' to the photo. Added contrast, brightened up a bit, smoothed the skin and played with the colors! I really love the final result! To see more head on over to Paper Heart Camera!
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

33 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Casey said...

i'm with ya on the all nighter :) at least im working so I get paid to stay up till all hours of the night :) I Love your flower picture, its perfect. and what a face! on your tints picture, its great, good shot :) I hope you get some sleep soon

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

I think its great that you can be so organised with your photos for the challenges - hardly ever have time for Tues and Wed posts as I'm always on catch up with returning comments for other days.

I love that look in your tint photo - thats so cool. Congratulations to your dad on being such a devoted carer to your mum. He sure knows what it's like to love and to hold in sickness and in health.

I really like your edited shot aswell - those colours just pop now.

Michelle said...

Love the cheeto's shot! And that is such a sweet photo of your grandparents :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Wow...this post is certainly packed with sweetness! That 1st photo is priceless.

Buckeroomama said...

You are so good at putting together all your photo memes/challenges in one post! I should only be so organized. :(

Lovely photos... I love the cheetos one and the first one (too funny!). =)

Nicolasa said...

That first photo of little man is so cute!

misc.alaina said...

Super cute photos - I love his expression in the tint photo! Your grandparents story is so sweet!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Late night eh? I used to be that way too but last week I got ahead of myself and I'm trying to keep ahead. Love the first capture - and that action is one of my favs!

Maddy said...

The first picture is AWESOME!!! That expression on his face is priceless :)

Sheri said...

Beautiful shots Natalie! The expression on Dillon's face is just perfect in the first shot! I have a feeling he's quite the ham! LOL

Great edit.

Oh and I LOVE the shot of your Mammaw & Pappaw. He looks so serene and at peace. Lovely.

Kathleen said...

The look your captured in that first photo? Priceless? And getting that photo of your grandparents? Priceless too!

Renegades said...

You are right what a capture on the first one.

Your flower is very pretty too.

April said...

That picture for Sweet Shot day is above and beyond. It blessed my day.

Tara said...

Aw, I love the shot of your Mammaw & Pappaw..that is just too sweet.

love and life ♥ said...

Great shots! I love love love the first! So adorable! xx

Sue said...

Wonderful, wonderful, and oh so touching photos. Thanks for sharing them. (I think I adore your grandfather.)


PS. I messed up my link tbis week. Here's the right one:
Good Friends Last Forever

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Beautiful photos. Bless your Pappaw for looking after Mammaw for all those years. What a keeper.

Mandy said...

Oh man, I used to stay up until 2am like it was nothin'! But not anymore, I don't know how you do it! He he. Beautiful photos! That last edit is prefect, I love the warmth!

julie said...

Great shots...especially that first one - what a capture! And your grandparents...true sweetness.

collyn23 said...

great shots

jennykate77 said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures!! I'm going to have to check out some of the links you gave. What camera/lens do you use? I have a Canon and I recently got a 50mm. I'm loving it, but one of these days I want to upgrade.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! Hope you're having a great day!

jennykate77 said...

Oh, and I just wanted to say that I love that picture of your grandma and grandpa. My Granny took care of my Grandpa for a long time...just melts my heart to see that pic. My Grandpa passed away last August. I miss him so much. I think my Granny is a saint too...or an angel...something phenomenal.

Deb said...

This is a lovely group of photos! That is so sweet the your grandfather still brings her flowers and the photo you took of them is stunning. You are talented.

Sarah said...

Great pictures! But my fave is the one of your grandparents... now that is true love!

Jamie said...

His expression is priceless!

Kara said...

i should just stay up all night! i barely get 2-3 hours of sleep lately with the way gun has been sleeping. every little noise wakes me up, and pregnancy makes me pee constantly! so at least you're up getting something done while i'm tossing and turning :P

i love dill's facial expressions! as long as we don't get all this crappy snow & whatnot it's calling for, we should still be on for friday. i say that because sean may have to work which leaves me with no car :(

hes goin to louisville tomorrow with his work!

and btw, those flowers are really pretty. so sweet ♥ even all these years later!

Actuary Mom said...

Love, love the cheeto shot.

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Love all the photos in this post. The flower is amazing. The shots of the little one are - as always- adorable. & that picture & story of your grandparents is so touching. We should all be so lucky to have our love be so devoted like that.

Lana said...

You are so adorable! I'm up at 2 AM, too, most nights!
That picture of your son with his amazing expression made me laugh out loud!

And the photo of your grandparents--I will pray for your Mammaw. What a man to take care of her like that!


Kristy said...

great shots as always, my week is crazy too. Too many things and so little time!

Meg said...

Natalie, such great pictures!! I'm really loving your Tint picture. And the one of your grandparents just touches my heart. So very sweet! :)

Michelle said...

Love all these!

And I think my fav is of your grandparents! How wonderful that their love kept them through all these years! :)

leigh said...

Your grandparents are so sweet. What a great guy to take such good care of her.

PS I called my grandparents Mammaw and Pappaw too!

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