'Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.....

Today is Valentine's Day.
Love Day.
Sweethearts Day.
I am such a hopeless romantic :).
My husband and I have something special. Something far deeper than I think even -we- understand. But I love it, it's what keeps our marriage so 'fresh and young'. He is my hero in more ways than one. Great Father, Exceptional Husband...big family man. He is filled to the seams with love, he would give anyone the shirt off his back and is passionate about how he feels about things, which makes him as steady, strong and deep as a river. He has never left my side during anything I've had to face in my life, good or bad. He is extremely supportive of me and my new business and helps me do any and everything I need him to.

In return I support him, I am his rock just as much as he is mine. We believe in each other and have a very deep trust and faith, nothing or no one can shake. We know each other like the back of [our] hands. He's just so sweet, I tear up thinkin' about him and his love for me and our son. I love to watch them together, they are my whole universe. Jon works harder than anyone I know, not just physically at the 'daily grind' but hard being a kind, loving, passionate, caring and TRUE friend..the best thing a husband can be. I wanted to take the time out to show just how much this man has impacted my life {for the better best} and tell him and my son that this Valentine's Day, I hope they felt more love from me than anyone have ever shown them! Because I sure do feel like I could never explain how much I love them both.

Fun Facts
We started dating July 3, 2003~Married May 5, 2007~Had our son December 7, 2007~8 years together~{Almost} 4 years married~2 years complete:-)

I've shown some of these photos before back in the summer last year. They were taken by one of my BFFs Kara Vanover. I wanted to show some photos of Jon and I together, and in love :)
*Photos by Kara Vanover*
I Know
*Photos by Kara Vanover*
One Thing
*Photos by Kara Vanover*
*Photos by Kara Vanover*
*Photos by Kara Vanover*
You are the best thing that ever happend to us {Dillon}.

Hope your Valentine's Day was absolutely wonderful and you spent it with the people you love!!!

9 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Shari said...

awww what a lovely Valentine story!

great photos!

Traci said...

Wonderful shots and I love Dillon's little smile in that last one!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Tara said...

This is so sweet...great story.

love and life ♥ said...

Not going to lie, I almost cried. Beautiful couple & family shots. Gorgeous family! xo

Michelle said...

Wiping my eyes here...such a lovely heart-felt post. ---Love the last picture with your little valentine in the middle. :)

Jamie said...

Ah, true love!

Michelle said...

Oh, my goodness! These shots are so intensely sweet! :) I can just feel the love btwn you too! My absolute fav though is the one where you both are laying down, heads on shoulders -- simply sweet!


The Clip Cafe said...

BEAUTIFUL! http://theclipcafeblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/relive-romance-challenge.html

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