Oh Let the Sun Shine In!

...face it with a grin...Smilers NEVER loose...and frowners NEVER win. This is my theme song to life! Y'all remember a few weeks ago when my husband had that wreck? Well...yesterday I was sitting at home..Dillon was napping, and all was well. The phone rang and normally Jon doesn't call until he's on his way home at around 5 and so of course I knew something wasn't right. He said he was at the hospital getting his foot x-rayed because the pinner machine got backed over his foot yesterday. This machine is huge and heavy and the tire is rubber and steel-lined with chains on the outside. The chain left an indention in his foot. Thankfully he just got a sprain and no broken or fractured bones.

I know it seems as though we live for bad luck I try to stay positive, that's all I can do. I'd rather smile and think positively than be depressed and feel like I can't win for loosing..and I'm happy with my life so as long as my family loves me and makes me feel needed I'm good. I haven't yet mentioned that my son is fully potty trained. I can take him all over town for hours without having accidents. I'm so happy I don't have to buy the diapers anymore. He uses 2 pull ups per day. One for nap time and one at bedtime...I finally just was consistent with it and it paid off!

Most of the photos I will share in this gigantic post are SOOC. I did absolutely NOTHING to them. I've been in love with the color Canon produces...it seems more vibrant and sharp so even those subtle adjustments I've been able to skip here and there so that makes it less time consuming for me to go from camera to computer to all my sites I use them on..YAY ME!

Happiness....Bokeh makes me SO happy ;D

Communal Global...
I almost love sun flares as much as bokeh now that I know how to achieve them :) (btw the second row isn't the same photo twice, his had in in different positions ;)

Sweet (Faith's Photo Challenge over at Simplicity Blog!)
Not only is the cookie sweet...but so is the little guy holding it! ;)

Sweet Shot Tuesdays
Eyes! <3
I LOVE photographing eyes!
Sweet Shot Day

Shutter Love.."Hearts"
Not a complete heart..but you can tell that's what we were going for ;)

Wordless Wednesday
Love me some luscious green grass and creamy bokeh!

Cant you see the new colors breaking through the old brown grass!?!?!

21 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Tiffany said...

these look good I love the bokeh and sun flare a lot!

Meg said...

WOW! I love all these pictures but that first one of the grass... just WOW! That's gorgeous. I could totally see that blown up real huge on a very tall wall. It's a Beauty! :)

Michelle said...

Ok, love them all BUT those first two are STUNNING! And the grass shot too, beautiful!

Buckeroomama said...

These are lovely --both the bokeh and sun flares! I still have to work on my sun flares. Most of what I get are pure accidents. :)

Jennifer Bowen said...

You got me at bokeh and sunflare! =) Excellent shots!

Gretchen said...

These are all gorgeous! I'm totally enjoying the color coming back too!! Wonderful happy post!! =)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

These are so beautiful, Natalie! Love all of the happy colors.

~Shari said...

I am glad that Jon is go to go this time also. Man, Take that good news anytime you can. :)

I am glad to hear you are enjoying you Canon.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful shots. Love that bokeh too. Those eyes in your sweet shot are just gorgeous.

Jill Samter Photography said...

oh how i love bokeh too and your shots are so beautiful! lovely!

Jamie said...

Gorgeous shots! So glad your husband is ok.

Allie said...

I love the bokeh and sunflare! I really like the last shot! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

The light in those first few shots is so beautiful and I'm glad you're loving your new camera. :)

Jaymi said...

these are beautiful shots! i really love the light in the first one!

Nicolasa said...

The first two shots are gorgeous and put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

Wow! I lost track of my favourites!


Satakieli said...

I adore those first few! Absolutely gorgeous!

Ray said...

Beautiful photos! Love the first one!

Michelle said...

Oh, my goodness!! So much pretty stuff here!!! I'm gonna have to do my whole "scroll back up and work my way down" comment! hehe!

So, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's foot, but I'm so glad that it was just a sprain and nothing worse!! Ouch!!! Not a good deal at all!!

Yay Dillon - for being potty trained!!! Yay mama for making it though!! lol!!

And don't you just *love* getting awesome soocs??? I'm really wanting to focus on that and skip as much editing as possible. :) Besides resizing/watermarking mostly. :)

Ok, so *love* your first two shots! I've been wanting to take pics of those things around here, but man, just haven't gotten around to it yet! and I better hurry soon!! Love the bokeh!!!!! These shots make me jealous almost!

And WOWSERS!!! Look at that flare!!! Stink, girlie, for claiming you didn't know how to do it, you caught on quick and ROCKED them!!!! Holy cow!! Love the rainbow effect!!

Now, I want a cookie. And some sparklers.

(jaw drop) love your grass shot!!! Love love love it!!! Oh, I tried a shot like this today and wow, mine just don't hold a candle to this... must try again! That's something I'd love to get printed. :)

hehe, love your baby investigating the flowers! And love the color bursting through!!!

Have a great weekend, Lady!!!


Liz said...

these are so good. Love the purple covering on grass.

Faith said...

Oh my goodness!! LOVE your first couple shots!! That light!! (sigh) also LOVE your new blog design. Your new header totally rocks.

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