Stormy Storm Storms

Plenty of things to report and I'll do so quickly. We've had heavy rains since last Wednesday-ish and a LOT of our state is flooded and some counties under a state of emergency. There has been a LOT of severe weather that's caused a lot of damage from wind-hail-tornadic damage. It's been a rough week where sleep is non-existent. I got 1 hr last night because our power went off at 2AM and finally went back to bed at 6AM and up at 10:30. Power wasn't restored until 11:30AM.

We just had another wave of storms plow through our area, thankfully it missed us but there are a lot of surrounding counties who are experiencing heavy winds, hail and tornadoes! So please keep everyone here in your prayers and pray for their safety!

Our computer has been knocked out a few times from storms this past week and therefore is having technical difficulties. I fear the hard drive may be failing, it's only 8 years old! So if I become absent for a while you'll know why. I wanted to enter these few challenges while I was at my Mom's and had the chance. This is my entry for pet faces over at I Heart Faces:
Also this kitty is a calico-which is multi-colored so I thought it would be appropriate for The Paper Mama's photo challenge.

Touch Up Tuesday
Edited in CS5~
Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Those pictures above of my little man-is exactly that. Him, as a little man! He got a new haircut the day before Easter and I LOVE IT. Of course I'm partial plus I GAVE him the haircut. It's your average crew/military cut and he looks so cute with it! Don't you think!? So I'll share a few more...
Don't pass out from the insane cuteness ;)!

Oh and here is a little piece of our Easter..you can see a few more by clicking on the picture in my flickr stream!
This was some of my lil man's eggs! Aren't they just too much!?

14 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Christina said...

Glad you are safe! Rain and storms here too.

Wendy said...

oh, that's too cute! kittens hold a special place in my heart...

Mom of M&Ms said...

praying for the weather and your safety....

Michelle said...

You've been in my thoughts and prayers today.... And will be staying there! ;)

You already know I love these from Flickr, but I'll say it again: love love love! Lol!


Simple Girl said...

The kitty looks so cute in its soft blue blanket!

Jamie said...

I'm sending up lots of prayers for you, your family and all those impacted by this terrible weather.

Heart n Soul said...

The hair cut is so very cute...adorable :)

MarieElizabeth said...

Beautiful photos - and great hair cut! Think of everyone in your area and hoping this weather pattern ends soon.

Tara said...

Glad to hear you are OK, thinking of you guys! Love these photos and your little man is looking so grown up!

Kara said...

adorable! I love him and of course I love those blue eyes. We need to come see you soon!! Like, probably Thursday if you're not busy

And aaaw the kittens!! Love those colors ;)

Ray said...

I hate storms. :(

Great shots! Love the first one!

Ashley Sisk said...

The storms have been crazy lately - absolutely crazy. Your pet shot is sooooooo sweet.

Jaymi said...

wow, I can't believe how LITTLE that kitty is! so cute! great shots of your boy too!

Faith said...

WOW!! LOVE the second to last one - AMAZING photo and great edit!

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