I Am SO Excited!

Tomorrow is the BIG day. One of my Best Friends (Kara-from The V Quartet) is scheduled to be induced to give birth to her baby girl, Miss Addison Reese Vanover, tomorrow morning at 4:45! I am so anxious, this will be the FIRST time I experience a birth! (Don't worry-I don't have a 'queasy stomach'-I helped my sister's cat deliver all her kittens a few months ago-and I KNOW human births are different but still..lol). I am honored to be her "third person" and I'm asking the prayer warriors to pray that all goes well, and Addy gets her quickly and safely! I am gonna be photographing the birth for her and maybe in a few days she and I will share a few "debut" photos of Miss "A".

The weekend was so fun and busy! My husband worked Saturday and we spend Saturday night with family and had some good food and fun. Sunday we also spent all day with family. We fished at a local lake with my parents in the AM then finished off with a late evening fish with my husband's Mom/Step Dad and his sister and her husband! (We fish A LOT by the way, and I always beat the guys with the biggest fish ;)

The upcoming week should prove to be very eventful. First Miss A's birth, then sometime I am trading my gas guzzler Dodge Durango for a more fuel efficient Pontiac G6 (Fly like a G6-Like a G6!) haha. My husband is getting him a work truck this week too so we once again will have a vehicle of our own! YIPPEE! This weekend to top off the week we are heading to Benton, KY to house hunt for a double wide (once again) but this time with serious intentions on purchasing! So wish us luck! I hope you guys have a great week as well!

I got all dressed up Saturday for mine and my husband's dinner date and I tried a hair style I saw on Pinterest (which by the way, if you haven't yet go follow me there-my button is to the right of this post in the column!)which is a beachy kind've style. I did a small braid down the side my part is on then did "wrap around" curls with a 1 inch curling iron on the rest of my hair. Wrap around means instead of closing the section of hair in the curling iron you literally wrap it around yourself, hold and let go and it gives a more wave than a curl! I had my 8 year old sister take some photos of me and I gotta say I'm teaching her well! I set the settings and she focuses and shoots. I am gonna share a few favorites and if you'd like to see more visit my Flickr! Oh and add me as a contact while you're there! Here they are!
Photography love...

"Bright and Vivid" and for Paper Heart Camera "So Happy" to have some good selfies!
Ta Daaa! Hope you like! :D

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Ashley Sisk said...

YOu have quite a lot to be excited about right now. And I love these photos of you. Might be my favorite ever of you. For real!

DRWphotos said...


Michelle said...

So glad to hear/see Miss Addie arrived safe and sound! :)

Lots of fishing??? Stink, lady! My hubby would love to do that much fishing! lol that you beat the boys at their own game!

Good luck w/ the car swaps and looking for a new place (we went kinda looking tonight, but don't think anything's gonna come of it!)

:) Love date night -- and you already know how much I LOVE these shots of you! Yes, your sis is taking some awesome shots!! Your hair is adorable! And I'm totally going to figure out how to get the braids back in my hair! :) I can't be paying someone to do them every time I turn around!


Michelle said...

Um that b&w of you is completely awesome!! Love it!
Hope everything went well for your friend's special delivery :)

Casey said...

You are Beautiful!! Those are great pictures. I try to get my 5 year old to take pictures of me.. but he gets side tracked! Those are great selfies! :)

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