Husband's Birthday 2012

My husband's Birthday, just like my sons', is a big deal to me. I love getting him a little something from the kids and I. I always get him cards from us, something special, blow up a few balloons and get a cake. This year was no different! I got him a Remington 12 gauge shotgun, camouflaged, for him to squirrel hunt with. Then the kids and I 'made' him a man bouquet. If you'd never heard of them, I give credit to Pinterest. It's a bouquet for a man...(obviously). Instead of flowers you get some skinny dowels, a flower pot and Styrofoam sphere (half of one, actually). Then you purchase some of their favorite things. In his case, Reese's, gum, cigars and mini alcohol :). I also had a cake made by a local girl. The cake was chocolate and icing was 'cookies 'n cream' with oreos on the side (to look like coal).
Dillon and I put together the bouquet and set up the table. He came home and was completely surprised! I was so glad to be able to make his day a little brighter. We all love Daddy! He's the best'est'! Here are some photos from his special day!
(The last is my favorite. He is so handsome;)

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