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So I'm back, slowly making my way to catching anyone who cares up on the going ons in our life ;). Besides it being a blog, it's a good diary/journal type thing for me or my boys to look back on years down the road so I am trying to keep it updated.
On June 13, 2012 our second (and last) son Lawson Cash Franklin made his arrival at 7:40 AM via schedule c-section. June 13 was his due date and I opted out for a c-section by the time I hit 39 weeks and wasn't making much progress. I DID want the natural birth experience but I am satisfied with my choice and have no regrets. Most especially because when my OB pulled him out he was tangled all up in his cord, including his neck and she said he most likely would've became distressed if he were descending the birth canal and that cord being positioned like it was. So I was happy I chose that route.
He was 7lbs and 6ozs of sweet baby goodness. 21 and a quarter inches long, kicking and screaming from the minute he got pulled out! (They even said he was HOLDING his umbilical cord when they pulled him out!) Sooo different than his older brother, he was born with, and still rocks blonde locks while Dillon has a light/medium brown colored hair. We're told Dillon favors his Daddy (and boy, does he ever) and that Lawson favors me...so we got a mini of the both of us! Which is fine with me ;)
My c-section went well, besides me getting extremely nauseous after he was born. I had a tubal ligation as I knew I was going to be finished having kids after two. It suited us financially and we always said from the time we were married two boys is what we wanted. I was one of four girls so Dillon was a HUGE change going from femininity to a little boy like him. Although the pain directly after my surgery seemed much more prevalent, the recovery time was cut in half. I had him Wednesday, went home Friday and was out on Sunday eating Father's Day dinner and then was shopping the following Tuesday. I think your body just "knows" that it's gotta get well faster once you have more than one child haha!
I took my own newborn shots of him, and sadly I still haven't finished every single image (four months later) but my favorites are done! I am going to share a few of our newest little bundle of joy! We love both our sons so much and would go to the ends of the Earth for them both! Introducing Lawson Cash Franklin!







There's a select few of the photos that I took of him that day :) I hope you enjoyed the post! I'll update with his milestone photos I've taken thus far!

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Discovery School at First Baptist Heath said...

So glad you are back in the blogger world.. and I adore these shots... Welcome to the World, little man!!!!

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