January 7, 2010

So today I have started a blog! I have never blogged before but I thought what the heck?! It's just another thing I can do when I'm utterly bored. I love to talk anyways and when my husband is gone I don't have any other adult to conversate with in person so I spend my time on facebook and myspace trying to keep in touch with my family! I'm new at this so please bear with me as I get started ;). So it was a nice snowy day today! It was Dillon's first "Real" snow that he got to experience, see and feel. Normally I don't get too excited with snow but of course I did when I was little. That's all me and my sister prayed for was tons and tons of snow! We wanted there to be no school and to bundle up and spend every minute we could outside sledding, snowball fighting and imagining! You kinda loose that feeling as you grow older, it's not a "wonderland" anymore it's just "cold" and you don't like it. But when you have children of your own and see the look on their faces in response to that big white horizon your inner child will emerge with a passion and strength you haven't felt in a long time!

I woke up at 6:30 AM, no clue why, just jolted awake and I got up and was walking through the hallway and the window in the back door caught my eye and I turned the outside light on and looked outside and to my surprise it was actually SNOWING. They were calling for it but the weather people are wrong more than not when it comes to snow every year so I really wasn't expecting it. I woke up a second time at 8:30 and thought about getting up but changed my mind. Finally the husband and I both woke up at 9 and I showed him the white snowy wonderland! We ate breakfast and got dressed in layers of clothes and jackets and scarves and went out with our son to see what his reaction would be and after the initial snow shock he loved it and didn't want to come back in the boring old house. So in the end we had a wonderful day and an unfogettable memory and experience with our son! I love both of them sooo much!

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