Little Messy Chocolate Man! 1.20.2010

So this makes a great story guys! It was January 20th and I decided I would make a golden yellow cake with milk chocolate icing. Well I iced that cake and threw the chocolate icing container in the trash [which was getting pretty full]. Dillon has been going through the "pick stuff out of the trash" phase and so you could only guess what will unfold next in the story...

Jon and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, I was tired and has just sit down for the first time in like 2 hours and Dillon was being as quiet as a church mouse! So becoming suspicous I got up and walked around the couch and saw Dillon and let out a freaking scream! AHHHHH! Jon jumped up because apparently I scared him and there Dillon stood, hand stuck down in the icing container, icing around his mouth and on both hands and on his sleeper!

At first I was mad because poor Jon had literally just given him a bath but Dillon started babbling at us and talking to us as if he was trying to explain himself and I started laughing and Jon started laughing and even Dillon started laughing at the site of us doing it! So then I grabbed my trusty camera and snapped a few shots of him. I had to wipe him down and change his PJs but it was worth it and funny. Good family memories!

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