Excitement and Anticipation!

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Sooo. It is a new year, I guess I've never really talked about it before. But this year holds so much in store for us! We have many plans although I know not to expect more than what you get and everything will be okay in the end. But Jon and I have made some decisions about the year in advance and by God's grace they can be carried out. We never set anything in stone because we know better! God is the only one who sets anything in stone.

This year is a big year, Dillon is old enough to run around and can go outside and play and be dirty, like a boy! Jon is just as excited as me because Jon loves being outside and now he can be out with his son! So some of the things on our lists of wants and to-dos for the year is me a vehicle, Jon a rhino and me a camera...I know I've got two things and he has one but the vehicle is kind of a "have-to-have" situation since we only have one vehicle for now. But he is wanting a Rhino and has for years now but hopefully very soon his dream will become a reality. All you can do is hope! I want a Canon Rebel T1i, it's not a "pro" camera and it's not all "high-end" but it is a camera I've wanted for a long time now and hope to have for the summer so I can take a million pictures of Dillon, as if I needed anymore!

I am a picture lover...through and through. I have 4 albums filled with pictures of just Dillon. Over 600 I think printed and in them. I am currently working on a "My First Year" scrapbook and if i could get over my procratinating ways I would finish it pretty quickly. But hey, we all procrastinate lol. As long as it gets completed I'm good. But I told my husband if I got this camera I wouldn't buy another for a LOOONG time. I just want one because I know I could learn to use it easily and I know I could get the best out of it and I have a love for photography..not as a business or anything like that but just because I like to catch every second I can in a picture. They're beautiful.

Jon deserves so much in this life. He works as a coal miner and I stay at home so I feel that he deserves his Rhino and more if he could get it. I appreciate him so much and wish all his needs could be met and I know he wants the same for me. If we have the money then he tries to get me the things I want but sometimes I have to tell him no because I know we could use the money smarter, he tries to give so much for me and I am so thankful and love him so much for it.

But as far as 2009 goes it was a great year and I know this year will be even greater! I thank God for my blessings and I will never take one day or one breath for granted!

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