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Hi. I know, I know. Are you thinking, oh gawsh we got myspace to read your 'About Me' at. Well too bad, if you don't wanna read this you absolutely do NOT have to, but I have a feeling you still will. Everyone thinks they know everything about everyone when actually they only think they do. Only YOU know you the best and moreso than anyone else ever will.

What makes the human race so interesting you ask? We're all opinionated and entitled to our own thoughts. We do not all agree all the time and to solve that you can either agree to disagree or move on from being acquaintances. Well it's a snow day [again] and 7:30 AM and my son is sleeping and my husband by the grace of God made it safely to work and I'm here alone, bored and I'm gonna tell ya my outlook on everything...this is done out of boredom, want-to and is not intended to be directed towards anything/anyone. I am just being 'Natalie'.

I am a wife and mother, first and foremost. Jon and Dillon come before anyone else in my life. Jon and I were married May 5, 2007 and I believe marriage should be between and man and woman ONLY and that it is a solemn promise made in the eyes of God that you will be with that person for the rest of your living life and that you will repsect them and honor them and do your best to keep your marriage healthy. I believe that being a homemaker is a privaledge, not a need and that if your husband is the bread winner then all the home duties are left to the wife. But in a different light I also believe if both the man and woman work to support the family the duties should be split equally and evenly and if the woman is the provider then the responsibilities fall upon the man. I believe that a woman and man are equal when it comes to making important decisions and that whomever is at home taking care of the house earns their share of the money by doing what needs to be done at home.

Divorce is an ugly word to me and I don't condone nor believe in it. But I do believe there are circumstances and events that if bad enough could lead to seperation. If people are totally and positively unhappy with their everyday life and feel like they're imprisoned or their spouse cheated on them or was abusive I can understand the need and want for a divorce. But I also believe that a couple should put their best foot forward and make and effort to change the negative into something positive before they call it quits and give up. People have the potential to change and if they love someone enough they will do it. God gives you the ability to take control over yourself and alter your once set-in-stone attitude and ways. If children are involved it makes matters worse by a million because the last thing you want is for them to suffer which is why once again you should try to work as much as you can to make it work, but still you can't choose to be unhappy because of them either.

I believe family is SO important. They are there for you when you're down and when you fall to pick you up and dust you off then tell ya to keep going! They are someone who you are totally comfortable around and someone you can count on through thick or thin to come whenever you need them. They are reliable, loyal and trustworthy and you don't know what you would ever do without them. Your Mom and Dad take care of you when you're young and more times than not they're your enemies and you and your siblings fight every ten minutes and get over it within two seconds. But then you grow up and your parents and your siblings move from being just that to being your friends. Don't ever take them for granted because they are your blood, blood is always gonna be thicker than water and you will always need them no matter what reasons.

My parents loved me and my sisters very deeply and with all their hearts. We didn't always have much, especially during the winter because my Dad's profession doesn't mix well with winter weather. But no matter how much or little we had we always had presents on Christmas morning. They would go without to make sure we had things. I appreciate that so much and to this day it brings tears to my eyes that they cared that much and still do. They were wonderful parents and I thank God everyday that I was blessed with them.

We were not spoiled by no means..and my child won't be either. Everyone looks at "spoiled" differently. Some people think that buying a child every toy they touch is spoiling them and some think that buying them what they can within reason is spoiling them and it is possible to spoil them with love too, which is the best kind. Dillon has quite a bit of toys, nothing too big or fancy yet but most came from birthday and Christmas. I want him to have more than we did as a child but not everything he asks for. He will never learn what the real world is like if we spoil him. But we will love him and teach him all that we possibly can and know to help him make it through life as best he can!

Goals are very important to have. If you didn't have something to look forward to what do you have? It's always nice to plan ahead. "Hope for the best but expect the worse". Sounds gloomy but you can't set yourself up for faliure or rejection and disappointment. We all have dreams and aspirations some are small and some are big. We have to set ourselves a limit to what we can achieve. But its always healthy to dream BIG! Whether you get the mountain or the molehill in the end. In dreaming we're always going to come across people who want to destroy those dreams or who want to snatch you out of your dream world and into reality. Those are negative-nancies as my aunt says lol. Don't let people ever tell you what YOU are or are not capable of. Only YOU know that. Don't let people steal your dreams and make you think they're utterly impossible. This is how fake friends get weeded out from the real ones. Real friends, no matter how ridiculous you sound, will always back you up and dream with you.

Which brings me to that very subject, friends. They come and go and are in and out of your life. The most important aspect of a friend is that you can pick up a phone and call them no matter when/what time of day or night it is. They will answer and lend an ear..and that is the greatest thing ever .. when you call someone upset or angry and they listen and don't even say two words but you know they listened which is all you really wanted. A friend is there for you when you need a helping hand and overlooks your failures and tolerates your success. They do not envy you, they applaud you and they respect you at the same time. They're not boastful, they're humble.

I believe in God..oh sooooo much. I wouldn't be where I am in life if it weren't for Him. He has led me down many paths and over many mountains and right when it seemed impossible to get over, He picked me up and carried me. I turn to Him whenever I have a great day or a bad day. He always lends an ear, even when I can't reach a family member or friend. He is divine and has created so many beautiful things for us to enjoy in this life! He is our Father and Saviour and will never turn his back on us! A prayer can make anyone feel better whether it's at bedtime, in church or when you're driving down the road. God never takes a break from us. He is the only one who knows abosolutely EVERYTHING about us, even things we don't know about ourselves. We makes plans, He laughs a soft kind laugh because only HE knows what will happen to us tomorrow, next week, next year. We have no clue, just hopes. My faith in Him is strong and that's something nobody will ever take from me!

So theres my views and outlooks, I haven't covered every aspect or subject but you get the basic idea. I love my life and I'm right where I want/need to be. I'm satisfied with what the good Lord has given me and will not take one single day for granted!

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