Goals for 2010 [Things we Want!!]

First on the list is this...we have looked into several ride-on toys small and large and we found the John Deere Gator at Rural King that we LOVED. He can grow with it and it's very practical contrary to belief because the seat is adjustable and it slides up to the steering wheel for the younger/shorter legs. We got it down at one of the stores and Dillon loved it so we can't wait until summer time to get these things he can enjoy outside!

Another thing we looked into for Dillon is this wooden playhouse. Although I didn't have one as a kid my cousin did and I loved that thing. You could play any and everything in that with a child's imagination! Jon and I came across it at Greenville Rural King and I immediately said Whoa! We gotta get that for Dillon. All these things will be spread out from each other and we'll have to take our time but these are our goals!

What I had here has been fulfilled as well! We did get a vehicle and I love it! It's a 2003 Dodge Durango, Cherry Red outside Leather tan interior inside...has temperature reader and all kinds of cool things. Only had 85k miles and I just love it. Thanks to my sweet husband for getting it for me and it has came in handy and is sooo great to be able to walk out the door and go when I please!

Lastly but definitely NOT least is Jon's Yamaha Rhino! I think he deserves this so much for his hard work and dedication as a husband and father. He's so self less and does so much for Dillon and I that he deserves something just for him. I like to ride four wheelers and things like that but since I got pregnant and had Dillon I don't do a lot of that anymore. But he and Dillon can enjoy the Rhino together. I really hope he is able to get it...I'm not 100% on whether this will all work out in the end but in my previous post I said it was okay to dream and I hope that it all comes out for the best!

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