Doing Better! Thanks to Momma!

So after a long, long LONG week last week of up half the nights, wiping runny noses, checking temperatures and administering medicine my little monster is back on the prowl! The worst thing as a Mother is to watch your child suffer from something that is taking away their whole bubbly personality. They are lethargic and whiney and clingy and it takes its toll on us too. When a child is too young to tell us exactly withat is hurting them...it makes us feel like we have no clue what we're doing because we want to help but dont know how. That's why I rely on our pediatrician to guide me through these kinds of things. So I took him to see his doctor and she put him on amoxicillin and diagnosed him with upper respiratory and a nearly double ear infection. But now he is getting back to his cute little lovable self!

I took these pictures today (3.24.2010). He was very anxious to see outside once I got our window opened, so he used his little monkey legs to climb the back of the couch and look out. After that he decided he didn't like his pants anymore so he somehow figured out how to get them off so I have a picture of him after he took them off..

Then him trying to..

..Put them back on! Silly BOY!

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