My Old Kentucky Home

Kentucky is such a beautiful state. Not saying that because I've lived my life here but because I know it is. I can't say it's the best or the greatest but it's a southern state full of simple living.

I live way off the main roads. County maintenance stops right over the hill below our house. It's peaceful and quiet out here most days and during the spring and summer the scenery is breath-taking with the greenery of the fields and tress that spread across vast amounts of land. And ya know where I told ya county maintenance ended? Well the blacktop ends there too so its gravel from there on. There's nothing so peaceful as walking down a gravel road in the middle of the summer...or riding down one whether you're in a vehicle or on an ATV. The further you go the more untamed it is and soon the roads are completely shaded by tress and it feels like a tunnel going into another world.

I like simple living, it makes for simples lives which makes for less stress and more time to enjoy the finer things. And when I say "finer things" I don't mean anything materialistic at all. I'm talking about kicking back under a shade tree on a hot summer day sippin on a cold glass of lemonade or water. When I was a kid my Pappaw had a huge oak tree in his front yard that shaded nearly the whole area right in front of his pond. When we would gather for picnics and birthdays there it was the funnest times. That tree was climbed and carved in and had swings hanging off of it and when any of us kids were bad, the limbs that made good whoopin' switches came off it too. That tree no longer stands because the expansion of the pond caused it to lean too dangerously to leave standing and I miss seeing it and being under it's cool shade.

For now our yard has no grown trees but we've planted several down our property line that will someday grow and provide plenty of shade. I like country living, I like privacy and good neighbors. I never could understand how anyone could stand to live in a subdivision two feet away from a house on either side. I would probably be depressed and miserable if you were to move me there now..with the things I know about the country. So I will make it a goal to stay where my heart belongs...here in the free land of my Old Kentucky Home.

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