Tales of the Toddler.

Kids do new things everyday..we all know this. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you angry and they make you proud...embarrassed too (lol). But no matter what mood they gotcha in, you'll always come back to the normal "I just love you so much" mommy mode. I've got two new firsts for Dillon in two days and I wanna share the yucky, messy, surprising, hilarious stories with you all because I feel it deserves being told!

Well first things first, on March 28th at about 8 PM Dillon Howard Franklin pooped in his potty. Yes, I said pooped =). Encouragement and teaching is the key to success with children and for about 3 months now we've had a Safety First potty sitting in our bathroom for little man. When I go to the bathroom he of course follows me and invades my privacy which doesn't bother me because if I were to shut the door he would lay on the floor peeping under the door crying and yelling Momma! the whole time so at least this way he's quiet and occupied lol. But anyways back to my point, for 3 months everytime I went to the bathroom and he was with me I'd say "Sit on your potty and pee pee." and he would sit down on it and say "pee pee."

After letting him get used to associating pee pee with potties I then started saying "Sit on your potty and poop! and then I would make straining noises so he could associate pooping with the potty :). So after that he would go in and sit down and either say pee pee or poop. Well on the 28th I was in the bathroom cleaning the tub out and Dillon of course was with me. I turned around and he was holding his diaper and saying "poop, poop" and I said did you poop?! So I checked his diaper and saw nothing but thought well I will take his diaper off and sit him down on the potty just for fun so he knows that when he tells me poop or pee pee it's potty time. So I sat him down and gave him some of this foam letters from the bath tub and he was playing with them and making what I though was fake straining noises...

Well little do we know he stands up and there in his little potty bowl was..dare I say...POOP! I was like OH MY GOSH! and hollered for Jon to come see (haha). Dillon was also shocked becuase as soon as he saw it he looked at me and I said "You pooped YAAAAY!" and he looked back at the potty and said "NASTY!" Which of course made me crack up laughing. But pretty much I realize this was a complete fluke because I just randomly sat him on the potty and he just so happened to poop but it excited my perspectives and outlooks for the future. I hope that he is interested and willing to wanna learn this summer since its much easier to train in summer, especially for boys who like to go pee outside!

I know that it could be seemingly easy or horrendously difficult because I know that every single child is different from another. I have potty trained a toddler before though (my aforementioned sister Emily) and she was a breeze and virtually no trouble at all. Of course I also hear that girls are easier and trained sooner too. But I've also heard stories that the boys were easier in some cases. So you see, that is why every kid is different. I expect my patience to wear thin but not too thin, I expect many accidents and washing big boy underwear and bed sheets and all kinds of other absorbent fabrics. I expect my child not to, (and never be) perfect but just to try his best. I don't expect a miracle to happen and I wake up one morning to a potty trained little boy...I just hope for the best and expect the worst!

Well his second first would be his popsicle he ate today. He has eaten a chocolate eclair ice cream that was on a stick and those little pop ice flavored ice but never an actual popsicle. I had some double banana flavored popsicles in the freezer and decided to see if he could handle it. I broke it in half and of course I ate the other half cause he always shares with Momma♥. But he loved it, he ate it slowly and said "Mmmm" the whole time..along with "Collld!" every now and again too. But he finished every last bite and then brought me the stick! haha.



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