Road Rage

Well I was riding shotgun with my hubby today when we were on our way to Madisonville. When I'm driving alone, well not alone because Dillon is with me but as in 'with no other adult', I sing outrageouly loud with the radio and have the worst road rage temper you've ever seen. Bet you woulda never thought that eh? But it's true and I definitely confirmed it today.

The passenger usually is not the one who has the road rage temper because they're not the one under the huge stress driving puts you under...but Oh I am. Today 3 different vehicles at three seperate times pulled out directly in front of us causing us to have the slam the brakes. You can imagine just what came out of my mouth if you share this anger problem with me lol. I usually am not one to curse or swear often or randomly or with everyday talk but I'll tell ya when you are in a vehicle and people are doing the dumbest things they can do that causes you to have that mini heart attack then the little monster inside of you rears it's ugly head!

I hate to be rude and disrespectful to anyone and generally hold my tongue at any time that I feel like I could otherwise unleash my horrible rage. You know what they say.."Hell hath no fury like a Woman's Scorn?" Well that's me if I get pushed to breaking. So I guess that since I'm enclosed in a sound-proof cab and can't be heard by the other driver then this could be a good anger management tecnique and something I use to release other built up anger! Hahaha. Sometimes you gotta throw up your middle finger though, especially when you see the driver face-to-face after the inexcusable thing they did..or at least mouth your words slow so that they can read your lips..hahaha.

This blog post was random and last minute, but there's no doubt that a lot of people can relate to this road rage feeling!

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