Coloring With Daddy.

Today was a very busy and long nap-less day.
We went to Jon's Mom's in the Dalton area.
Dillon got up at 9 and I spent the morning catching up on laundry while Jon prepped his Rhino for the trip to his Mom's.
We hoped for no rain, sadly we were let down because it started raining after we arrived.
But we made the best of it and went riding anyways! Jon and his Mother rode in the front. Sue (his Mum;) held Dillon whilst Savannah (niece), Colton (nephew) and I rode in the bed! It was cold, wet, muddy but most of all fun! First time I had been "riding" in it. And first "muddin" done in it too for me. I loved it.
Anyways getting to the latter part of the evening/night...
We proceeded home where Jon and Dillon retired to the couch and rested up, then Jon got out a coloring book and the markers and crayons and was showing Dillon how to color. Jon is a wonderful Father, so caring and such a great role model for Dillon. Here are some shots of the two of them..I love it, they are my world!♥

"If Only You Knew.."

..I'd sacrifice my beating heart before I lose you"

"The only thing that I still believe in.."

"..Is YOU!!

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