Childhood Innocence.

Ring around the Rosie, a Pocket full of Posies, Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down!

Remember those days? Those days when that little song along with a broad array of others we would chant and yell aloud by ouselves or with others was the only music we cared about? When girls thought boys were icky and boys thought girls had cooties? When our biggest problems was a skint knee or a broken crayon? Wow those days seem like they were an eternity ago. When you're that age you want so badly to grow up and be like your older cousins or aunts and uncles....and they tell you, "I promise once you get this age you'll be begging to be this age you are now once more!" and you were like NO WAY!!!. Well that was a kick in the face huh?

With all that goes on in today's world, I plead to go back to the simple times. My problems that I thought were so huge at that tender age multiplied and grew by a Zillion by the time I tured my current age (21) and I know I still have a lot of years to go before I ever see what may or may not be the hardest times ever. Either way, I have let the Lord into my heart to lead me through every tough situation with his guidance, patience and mercy. I praise God everyday for the things that are present in my life. Great husband, healthy & happy son, great parents and extraordinary siblings, a set of grandparents still living and many many other numerous things. I trust that He will protect us from all that is evil and that He will listen to me when noone else can.

Oh how much life has changes in 10 years. Think, 10 years ago I was 11! OH MY! Now I'm 21 with a nearly 17 month old son and a husband whom I will be married to for 3 years! I do not regret a single one of those things...I'm right where I wanna be. I've climbed many mountains and molehills and molehills I made into mountains but God has NEVER failed me.

As I watch younger children I am awe-struck by their imagination...and I just can't believe that not too long ago I had that kind of imagination and was so amazed by the simplest things. Coloring, hide-and-go-seek, tag, duck-duck goose....all those things were just the funnest things EVER! And outside was just a whole new world waiting to be re-discovered everyday. Oh how I wish I still had that imagination...Why do we loose the ability to imagine things so wonderful as we grow older and gain age? We replace fairy tale stories with the lack of time to even read one...we go from worrying about where the dog or cat ran off to to wondering where our cell phones are, we stop being stressed over things like monsters under the bed or boo-boos and stress everyday about bills that are due and things that are needed.

As we grow old our mind grows callused. Things we used to see and know disappear and then we are shoved into the "real" world to try and figure out all the crazy and insane ways of the earth. Then we fear for our children and hope they are safe and protected...Friends were forever when we were young and we never kept anything from one another. I've notice how insanely blunt children are. That's why they get along so well and make up so quickly after a scuffle or disagreement. They say what's on their minds and go on with their business. Its hilarious for a spectator at times but its real too. I wish everyone was like that. I wish we all carried the innocene of childhood into adulthood and maybe we wouldn't be so hesitant to make friends or try and keep them. We wouldn't stress over bills and just take it one day at a time and let time be on our side. Maybe we would put down the cell phones or forget the computer and go out with our kids more or find simple things that could make a difference.

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