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Okay so my cousin Donna showed me a link to youtube where I heard a very pretty song about West Virginia coal miners and coal miners in general. If you search you can find lots of songs and dedications to coal miners and the ones who perished in the mine explsion last week. I am going to post a few links to the ones I liked most so that you can view and listen too.

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#1 - Its very long but worth the time..it was made and dedicated to a family but also for all other men who dedicate their lives to the coal industry. Take a look, you won't regret it!

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This one is a slideshow set to "Never Leave Harlan Alive" by Brad Paisley. We've all heard it..it's an awesome song! Its dedicated to Eastern KY miners.

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If you don't feel like crying don't watch this. It's a tribute to the W.V. miners, the pictures are a little blurry but the song is heart wrenching. It's called "Carbon Copy" so it's worth watching if you don't mind getting teary-eyed.

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Very good.

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Gonna throw some humor in here and there...this is called "Coal Miners Headache" :)

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Some I know have heard this song, it's called Kentucky Coal Mine sung by Aaron Watson.

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Very short ad from Friends of Coal about West Virginia Coal Miners.

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"Coal Miner Blues" This is just a collection of facts about hazards of mining and other things.

Click Here for #9
Song called "Six Feet From Hell". It was recorded live so the sound quality is a little depleted but it is a good song! Just turn off all background noise and listen!

I hope you watched some of these clips from YouTube. They are all very true and touch base with a lot of us!

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