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Hey all you peoples :). 1:30 AM now, I talked to my Aunt for quite a while about everything in the world...love catching up with my family. But while talking I was editing some pictures on photoshop I took today. As you know from a recent post we are in the middle of landscaping our barren yard and trying to get everything finished that was only half-done to begin with. (That tends to happen when you're hurrying to finish a complete remodel on a trailer and had your baby in the process) haha! The inside still has some things here and there that need to be finished but we slowly put our mark on it and we've done an awesome job with it considering what it's former state was!

We went today and got 1/2 a ton of sand for Dillon's sandbox. It filled it perfectly. We also got him some sand toys for him to play with..we got a "kid" shovel, a variety pack with a sifter, fish mold, small castle mold, bucket and mini shovel and also one of those ginormous sand castle bucket molds too. (His favorite thing is the shovel though:) He took to the sand like a fish to water...we hadn't got but like 4 shovel scoops in the sandbox and he dove in. We are working towards one major goal: Making the backyard adult and kid-friendly by fencing in for kid's safety and providing a play area and to try and add a patio and seating for the adults as well. I hope to find a lot of the things I want for a discount..or shall we say "used". I picked up a Show N Tell today in hopes of finding some of the things on my wish list..we shall see when I read it tomorrow :>. [By the way here's a shot of what we've got so far in the backyard! Not much but definitely a start!]

The front yard is going to be "eye" friendly I guess I'd say. I mean we do have a covered front porch for people to sit and chat but to be the backyard seems more inviting and privatized. Today I finished getting my two "mini" beds built for my creeping phlox. My parents planted some of those years ago and they've had time to spread over their whole entire flowerbed and they are beautiful. So I knew I'd have to have some for myself once I got the motivation to start gardening again. I love hedges and bushes and shrubs and flowers...if my husband would let me I'd plant things all over the yard but having a zillion things in the yard makes mowing a lot more difficult since you gotta mow around it..and sometimes the mower won't even suffice so a weed eater has to do the job. But I will be putting a few pictures of my plants in this post so you can see them.

Dillon and Emily have been playing outside everyday this week. Dillon loves the outdoors, heck the kid could practically live out there, haha. Jon and I both were the same way as kids....nature lovers at heart and country folk in the soul ;). These long days have really pooped Dillon out too (Not to mention Jon and I). He has slept great all week...playing outside all day really takes it out of ya!

Within the next week or so I hope to at least get near the finish line on the front yard project. I'm gonna lay a weed barrier tomorrow around the hedges and hopefully we can get some mulch this Saturday before the Sand and Gravel closes in Nortonville. I plan on using pine mulch (which is the darkest mulch) for my long bed in front of the trailer. As far as the back I have no clue what I wanna do as far as making a place to relax. I thought about pouring a concrete slab at the bottom of our back steps and either using more concrete to create a sidewalk path to the driveway or using stepping stones. I've had so many thoughts and ideas come and go I can't keep up with what is what .. I usually try and be creative with all that I do because I always march to the beat of my own drum and try to show my creative process through my works!

I love coming up with cooky and wacky ideas and seeing them take shape. Like the sandstone edger idea. Initially we thought about using a black plain edger at Lowes or some landscape timbers or some small picket fencing Lowes carried as well. But after standing at my parent's flower bed I was looking at all the big and small sandstone they've collected over the years and used as a decoration in their flower bed made me think...well why not use it as an edger?! So I am digging about a 3-4" deep trench down the front of our home and placing some thin, flat sandstones down in them on their sides to create a barrier. I have a picture I took of it and I'm not even to the halfway point of being done. I think once I get them finished and get the mulch down and add a little more splash of colors with tulips I hope to get among other things it will look incredible!

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