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I'm finally going to say it..Jon and I's relationship has taken a step forward in the past few weeks. I mentioned in a previous post that God was working on me and that I had been fighting and emotional battle with myself. Well after the mining disaster and a whole bunch of sicknesses and pulling my hair out I've had time to step back and assess my situation. I am still flawed majorly but with the help of God and my best friend I can slowly turn myself into the person I've always wanted to be.

In this life I've had a lot of hard knocks, and I know you all have had your fair share as well but reality: this post is about me, not you. (no intentions of rudeness). But I can say that when sat next to some people's lives, I've had a few more and a few harder knocks than most...and less that many more. But either way those hard knocks are what made me what I am today. Life has been a struggle-but enough pity party...never feel sorry for yourself. There have been two major things that happened in my life that will forever be unforgettable and considered as one (or shall I say two of the best days of my life.

Numero Uno would of course be the marriage to my soul mate, Jon. I was on my way to the crazy train boarding before he came into my life. I had so many friends but was missing that certain something. Then here he came, like a Knight in Shining armor to rescue me! We met in middle school, 8th grade in Mrs. Hendrick's Practical Living class. (At least I think that's what the class was, lol). I knew from the moment I saw him something about him was special. The semester was at it's end (first semester of the year) and we went to Christmas break. I prayed that I would have a class with him the next semester and to my surprise we had Art together.

I was so shy around him, I was just at a loss of words. And for me, if you know me well at all, that is odd in any sense for me to be silent. I was always outspoken and loud with my friends..but something about him made me just as bashful as could be. He picked on me a lot, stole my bracelets and sunglasses and other various things...pure proof that he liked me ;). It wasn't until after middle school graduation during the summer that he asked me out the first time...and like a true "gentlemen" over the internet on Yahoo Instant Messenger..haha. That was July 3rd of 2003! I remember the day because it was the day before the 4th.

Men as we all know usually have commitment issues when you are still in school. Dating in school sure will test a relationship because there are so many other "fish" in the sea to be caught. Jon and I had a few break-ups, never by me might I add, and of course they broke my heart! I was so in love with that boy (and of course I still am!!) And I wasn't gonna give up on him. I prayed and begged God to bring him back to me...fell into depression even..but it never failed that he always came back..and the last time he stuck. We were never broken up for long, and during our time apart we still thought of each other, wanted each other and in the end came back to each other. We were just meant to be.

Jon changed a LOT in the course of our high school years. Our relationship has endured SOO much it's ridiculous. First the break ups, then Jon got sent to Florida for about THREE months! We continued our relationship on a long-distance level...we wrote one another a letter EVERY SINGLE DAY (I still have them ALL!) then we had a phone conversation each night, he was only allowed to talk for 30 minutes on school nights and 45 minutes on the weekends. I had to call at 7 CST which made it 8 EST. I cherished that short time span we got each night to hear one another's voice. I missed him dreadfully the whole time he was gone..and I forgot to mention that before he left for Florida that first time..he changed from a boy to a kind, caring and passionate person. The last day we spent together at my house he dropped to his knees on the balcony and used my birthstone ring my parents had gotten me to propose...I was in absolute shock.

He said he didn't wanna loose me because he realized how much he needed and wanted me to Be His Forever. Oh those were heart-melting words. Tears come to my eyes every time I think about that memory. Being apart that long was torture but he got to come back during the start of the summer. We spent every waking moment together that summer...he was working for my Dad doing pest control and we would go out every weekend to a movie or dinner with the money he earned. Well time flew and the school year came back around and he was once again shipped back to Florida and was going to have to remain there until he was 18 (he was nearly 17 at the time). So that would've meant a whole year apart.

I was heartbroke as you could imagine..Cried for days on end literally. Laid in my room everyday after school and was miserable. My Father..and if you know him you'd know he would NEVER offer this in a ZILLION years..came to me and said they would agree to let Jon move in as long as his parents turned "guardianship" over to them. Oh my gosh my heart soared and I was so excited...The next couple weeks was a battle to try and convince his Mom to let him come and after a while and lots of talking he got to come live with me. He continued to work for my Dad to pay "his keep" around the house. That was in late early '06 when he came. So for the next year and some I planned our gorgeous wedding. If you are family who attended you know what it all looked like..if not then it was done in red and white, gorgeous white beaded dress with a long train all trimmed in red, strapless with the option of spaghetti straps.

I was so anxious for that day, and it was absolutely perfect. I thought since I lived with him for a year prior to our wedding day there's no way I would have butterflies but I did, not cold feet at all because I've never been more sure about a decision in my life but butterflies galore! Seeing him standing at the end of that aisle looking at me the way he did all the way down made me feel like the luckiest woman on Earth, and he still gives me that look now and then. (By the way the day was May 5, 2007

So since then it's been 3 glorious years as "The Franklins". I've enjoyed it all. In that time frame he's made a career move (from my Dad's business to the coal mines), had a baby (8 pound 3 ounce 21 inch long perfect angel baby named "Dillon"), and slowly converted a shabby 1979 14X70 Baron mobile home into our home. We've been through many struggles like taking 7 months to completely gut and redo the inside of this trailer and trying to move into it right after giving birth by C-section in the middle of a harsh and cold winter and going through not one but TWO layoffs during the past year and a half. Gosh the more I type the more amazing I feel like everything is that we've seen and been through. I always believed "What doesn't Kill us Makes us Stronger" but never to this extent because I've lived it now.

So I'm thankful for all the struggles we've endured and conquered and overcame that resulted in a strong and happy marriage with a precious son! They are both so special and precious to me it's unbelievable how much love my heart can hold and give. God is transforming me into a brand new person who says NO to the naysayers and negative people and helps me to look for a bright and sunny tomorrow. I've found satisfaction in the little things..money is not for fussing over and time is spent being cherished. I hope to think of something wonderful for our 3 year anniversary this year...no matter how simple it may be. I love both these men more than I could EVER imagine. God has blessed me with these two. All I can say is 7 years strong baby, I couldn't live without you, the love we share and the perfect son we've created!

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