It's official, at the strike of 12 (which was 39 minutes ago) it is officially the three year marker for my love and I! It's been a wonderful three years and I couldn't ask for better and wouldn't trade one minute of it for anything else in the world. This is my happiness, this is where I want to be, if I could go back I would do it all again the exact same way. We've had our struggles and our fights and our extremes, we have regretted things and made mistakes but they were OUR mistakes and we've learned from them all.

We have a deep love, appreciation, respect and understanding for one another. We are each other's confidante and we support each other to the bitter end. We know each other like the back our our hands and can read one another just by looks, touch and expression. The years have flown it seems like looking back now, especially since the birth of our completed hearts♥ DILLON. He has made us into mature and responsible people who we needed to be. He is a miracle to us and we'd be lost without him. He's our creation, our beating hearts, our love! We would absolutely die for him...

So to you JON:
You have made my life so wonderful, precious, special, perfect, worth it, beautiful, graceful, compassionate and just worth living! I don't know what I would do without you. There's been times where we've drown each other CRAZY but we always work through it and never go to bed angry, except that one time :) You are just too good for words..I couldn't make this post long enough to describe the "you" that you are. It's a feeling, that I hold deep in my heart..that if it were taken away my heart would stop and I would ... die! You're my world...I need you in my life, to grow old with, to laugh with, to make millions of memories with and to die with. You're my soul mate, we were made for one another, that's for darned sure. My love for you grows stronger daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You hold the key to my heart my love and I cherish every moment with you and our son!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY!


2 Lovely Reader(s) Said:

Kim said...

Sounds like your in line for at least 50 more Happy Years!!! Trust me one day you will wake up like I did and say 20yrs??? Are you sure lol

Jons♥Wife♥Dillons♥Momma said...

That is so great! Yes I am ready for 50 happy years! Oh man I know, he and I in grand total have been sweethearts since we were 14 and we're 21 now...so 7 years, about a fourth of our life has been spent together! I love long relationships, watching people celebrate 10, 20 and 50 years together. Imagine all the challenges they conquered and overcame! It's very rewarding, just my three years are, I love him oh so much!

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