Hello again my Blogger Buddies :->. So I wouldn't leave you hangin' as to what my dear sweet wonderful husband got me for our anniversary; It was exactly what I wanted. There's a story behind why; The last time I received flowers from him was when he was in Florida for three months during the later semester of 10th grade. To me, receiving those flowers (and the little bunny dipped it the fragrant soap:) was a major move forward in our relationship! I was already serious about him, don't get me wrong there, he was always "the one" for me...but I didn't want him to be afraid of commitment..and that day I knew that he truly cared for me on a deeper level..an emotional level. That was when he was in Florida for three months and we continued our relationship long distant. He had asked me to marry him before he left and sure enough when he came back he brought my wedding band and engagement ring..so yes my rings are all the way from Florida ;)

I also kept the flowers, card and the bunny! I let the flowers dry up and put them in about 3 sacks to keep them from crumbling and those and the other things are in a storage box safe from damage. It symbolized his true feelings, cause we all know its hard for nearly any man to be so-called "mushy", or emotional. I mean, on Valentine's day this year he got me a dozen roses from Wal*Mart which I adored but this, this to me is different. Just the fact that he took time out of his busy work week to, at some point, call and get these ordered and then have the strength to not even hint to me what it was...was a gift enough for me! Because if you knew Jon, (or me for that matter) you'd know we suck at holding out on gifts for not telling each other what it is, no matter how close we are to the actual special day. But he managed to keep it all bottled in and when the lady came and knocked on the door and I saw what she held my heart leaped!

Even my Mom and neighbors and friends were calling in suspense of what it was, it was a waiting and guessing game for us all! They were/are beautiful and I wish they would never wilt. He made my day perfect and my heart happy. If I could ask for anything on anniversaries/Mother's Day/Valentine's day..etc I would always say..something from the heart♥ A written note, a homemade card, flowers, a cooked romantic dinner...all that stuff makes me happy and makes me feel loved so dearly! I need them in my life, every day, for the rest of my life because they make me deeply happy and they're the greatest gifts of all! :-D

And the Grand total package.............

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