Sneaky Little Fella!

So as most of you guys know Dillon is male which means dirt, bugs, frogs, snails and all kinds of other random icky boy stuff. He changes day to day, one days he doesn't want a worm touching him and then the next he's trying to eat one! Hahah. But this one threw me for a loop. A few nights ago I went on one of my weekly cleaning rampages. After the weekend and the utter destruction of my home I end up with tons of laundry and lots of messes to clean up. So sometime between Monday and Wednesday I do a deep and thorough cleaning of my whole house. Well that night decided it was going to be Monday of this week.

So if I plan on vacuuming I have to let Dillon stay up after Jon leaves until I finish that task because it is so loud it would be pointless to put him in bed while I do it. And I wait until Jon leaves at 10 so that it's easier for me to maneuver and get things done quicker. Also, Dillon is not too fond of the vacuum cleaner so he climbs on the couch once it starts and stays there motionless until it's turned off haha silly boy.

Anyways that particular night instead of just picking up and tidying like I had planned I deep cleaned ...Vacuumed, reorganized Dillon's dresser and closet and did some laundry and dishes and cleaned the whole bathroom! So while I was in Dillon's room reorganizing he was in here watching Wow Wow Wubzy in the living room. After about 10 or 15 minutes of silence I was like Uh oh, he's gotta be doing something he isn't supposed to... I turned towards the wall and just then he came in and I could hear something making a "squish squish" noise..I was like ..oh should I turn around and I did..What did I behold?! Any takers on guesses...looking at the two prior pictures could you make out what it was??

If you guessed Vaseline, YOU ARE CORRECT! He had found the Vaseline and had it smeared in his hair up both arms and all over his face. I was like OH MY GOSH! I had to drop everything and put him in the bath for the second time that day and even though I scrubbed his hair, it was still greasy for a day or so. But once it's already happened there's nothing you can do to reverse it so might as well laugh it off. No harm done and a funny story to go with it when he gets older! :-)

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